Embrace the change

I love change! I know it frightens most people, but not me! I only hope that the change that has been contemplated actually comes to fruition. We are in the final day of the year and so people have already been making promises to themselves that they want to keep but the work is hard.

The work, in this case, has been tried and tested and the bar was missed.This was either due to complacency, acceptance or simply not being ready.

The only promise that I am making to myself for this new year coming is that I simply will not allow myself to be that “go to” guy for the world. I have been setting boundaries like crazy and frankly loving it!

I will not allow myself to fall into the “trap” unless results of change are evident no matter how much I want to.

This may all sound like a jumbled mess of letters smashed, but I assure you, it’s intended target with surely understand.


Happy 2016 my loves! Please enjoy this night and be safe in the process. Make 2016 a great year of life, laughs and love. PEACE


This Happened to Come across my feed

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” – Carl Jung

The Mind Unleashed

Open Book Tuesday

I love the part of me that is willing to share anything about me. I find myself learning more about myself by the answers I give to the questions asked.


I will respond in kind.

Audit Where Time is Spent

Food for thought.. It really can’t hurt to check out where you spend your time. This is especially helpful if you haven’t gotten accomplished all the things you wanted to in 2015. Embrace the change that is life, all things could use some adjusting.

David Cummings on Startups

With the new year almost upon us, it’s a good time to do a simple exercise: audit where you spend your time. Now, it doesn’t have to be fancy — a simple pen and paper will do. Take two or three days during the week and just write down what you’re doing and the time spent on it throughout the entire day (not just 9-5). (Note: for an app that constantly does this, check out RescueTime). Once this exercise is done, compare where you spend your time against your short-term and long-term goals. How does your where you spend your time stack up with your goals and aspirations?

Here are a few thoughts on auditing time spent:

  • Most people don’t regularly calibrate what they’re currently doing with what they want to be doing
  • Goals are often neglected for little things that constantly eat up time (like surfing the internet)
  • When…

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This Year Is Coming To An End… And So Are The Games

It is amazing how fast a year goes by, when you are looking back on it. I spent half this year (just about) in a single status. In that time, I found parts of myself that I had let go of along the way, I learned new things about my strength and courage, I grew as a person, a mother as an individual.

I enjoyed learning about myself and have been presented a blast from the past. Here is the issue as I see it. Do I believe in said individuals words of change and repentance or do I believe my gut when it screams


I do battle with these feelings everyday quite literally! Tonight is no exception. So I will drop this here, have a cup of tea and veg out on Netflix until I doze off.



Multiple personalities.

I could not stop laughing when I reread some texts from my mini humans. It is amazing how vastly different they all are from each other. You would think growing up in the same space even the same room would make them slightly similar but no, their unique personalities shine through dramatically.

The first born! He is emoji obsessed at times and really likes to throw some random things at me… I don’t know what moving his legs meant but there was no arrest that night so I don’t think it meant running from the cops!



The last born! He is probably the most mature of the three. He only texts when he needs to say something about something.




And then there was my middle guy. I don’t think he really got thewp-1451188302611.png concept. This is the only text conversation we ever had! As you can tell, I really had to hop out of this one. Phone calls only! Although, I wonder how long I could have kept the Hi going…




Better fitting for my mood

I know you lie, cause your lips are moving!!!!

I give you bass, you give me sweet talk saying I’m your #1