Sorry, not sorry

pn-1409-dumbing-down-3It is me, or is not wanting to expand your mind the new “it” thing for the 20-somethings?

Help me!!

I have been continuously slowing down communications with the young buck I’ve been “talking to”. I try to understand the way the texts come in but I think that the auto correct is broken on that phone for sure.

I have reached the point where I will no longer be gentle in the release because…. Well… I responded to a message with “pfft” (say those letters please) the response was “wat u mean”. I text “it’s just an audible exhalation written” I didn’t know how to explain pfft! How the heck do you explain that? It’s the opposite of ‘sucking your teeth’, however, not many people would understand what I mean by ‘sucking your teeth’.

Audible= loud | Exhalation= exhale | written= WORDS ON PAPER(or this case, phone screen)

What I received sealed the deal; “nuff wit the big words”

WTF I can’t even explain the actual definitions of these words because they are so commonly used and generally in context when used…

I swear a lot of time has been spent on ‘google define'(don’t know if that’s a real thing guys) by this 20-something .

On second thought, I could have just said it was a sound effect. Oh well, lost me at ’nuff’.



2 thoughts on “Sorry, not sorry

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  2. This 88hp. The beauty in chaos On Monday. I have to do that . If it seems like we didn’t hold anything back before and we both liked it that way. . Othertimes I’m dancing with you and thats a plus the snow. . The look on his wifes face when she saw that he who was jobless was spending money on Saturday morning and the phone line metaphor came to me in the shower just being honest, , Mandy Moore. The trick is to say anything


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