Better fitting for my mood

I know you lie, cause your lips are moving!!!!

I give you bass, you give me sweet talk saying I’m your #1


Mood= Love the Way You Lie (not)

Mood Music… JustineSkye

Mood Music!! Happy Sunday

I am in an exceptionally wonderful mood this morning…. Belting out this one! I hope the neighbors don’t get concerned about my safety or sanity!

Date Night Party Time!!!

OMG OMG OMG Guess what???

I spend just about everyday in my car listening to music. For about 4 months I’ve been stuck on “The Heat” Sirius Satellite radio station. I really don’t know the number sorry guys.

Tonight, I worked and therefore sang at the top of my lungs every song that came on the radio. It was a fun 3hr work night.

And then it happened! The most amazing thing.

A song came on and it was so fitting to this site. To my mood. To everything! So here is goes….

This will be my theme song.

Tonight on the list of things to do.. Catch up with you… Drink my beer and watch the Packers kick butt!! There is money on the line. Thank You FanDuel

Adele- Hello… Hear Me!!!!

I have been hearing so much buzz about this song. It is such a hot topic recently. I love the song really. When I first heard about it, I was like “yeah it’s Adele, and that means good but why is EVERYONE talking about it.

I heard it on the radio twice today while working. I just noticed that, after only officially hearing the song twice, I have been humming the chorus all night!

Maybe I’ll do a cover

HAHA I would never torture you guys like that

Love you always

Stay true to you

Love Keyshia Cole=Mood

This song brings about feelings of bliss and happiness. Not directly related to anyone in particular but the concept of love and loving a significant other.