Match: Day 18

One more day people! I don’t know why I am so excited, I am not turning 13 or 16 or AAEAAQAAAAAAAAdVAAAAJGU0ODNiYTFhLTY5OWMtNGU3NC05Zjg1LTJhNTQ0ZDI5ZGQxMweven 21!

I keep seeing the ad on my Hulu stream and I was just about to text “FREE” to the number so that I can enjoy 7 days of free Match and find a boyfriend for my birthday… but I forget the number to text…

Oh Well… Back to the drawing board.

Predictive Index: Day 16

I took a Behavioral Assessment the other day for class. I thought I would share it here… because… why not.

I feel like it does describe me pretty well and the highlighted area was most funny.


Day 30

We have twin tones but work ethics on opposition

Day 3

Well… In my last post i talked about my reset buddy and how she needed a gentle nudging or, a small lesson in respect your elders rather. Today…. She was partnered  up with another young duck. 

I was okay with that! I thought, for a second, that maybe i was too passive aggressive with her and almost felt bad but then she came to me to complain about her new buddy… I giggled… 

I tried to play it off like my day was going swimmingly but it was just a front, i knew i chose the right partner.

I was grouped with the other abundant in melanin people ( the store mgr is very melanin deficient) and we had a good, “it’s because we’re black”, chuckle which lasted 3.5 minutes and then i was completely over the group.

I was partnered with the “lead” who kept leaving for many reasons. .. No reason at all… I was done with the “it’s because we are black and brown”…. I was done with watching the other lady in the crew do nothing but talk!

It is not because you’re brown it’s because the mgr really couldn’t leave the two, that actually came to get the job done, working together.

So at first i was mad at my fair skinned choice but quickly changed that tune when our split resulted in actually catching up to the time frame to meet the deadline. 

But now… I feel like this guy
Ready to call it quits

Wild Wednesday 

Relax, I’m almost done with this impromptu days of the week post run.

It is the middle of the week and I’m sure you guys know how i feel about it. Wednesday’s are always weird for me… And long!!! I can’t forget long.

I woke up late, skipped breakfast, drank too much coffee and, now i sit waiting… Waiting on Wednesday.

The storm played a cool little trick… ” I’m gonna rumble rumble shoot a little lightning, sprinkle just enough to call off the park camp and then stop”.
So here i sit

Everyone cleans on Sunday’s but i’ve chosen Wednesday for this battle. 

My to-do list:

  1. Clean
  2. Mourn the death of my ex
  3. Play a board game
  4. Throw the football
  5. Maybe work

Lost art

I don’t know who did this but i think I’m gonna redo. 

Ahh… Full Moon Among Us

i didn’t really have an original thought this evening. I kind of went into a 5 hour hibernation. I’ve been up and restless and bored for about 3 now. I guess if you subscribe to the universe then the piece that follows should give you the same aha moment it gave me. The moon should be its fullest in less than 30 minutes and hopefully things will get back to normal.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon Is Going To Signal The End Of A Relationship

Jul 7, 2017 4:27pm
by Rosebud Baker
Feeling kind of “off” lately? You’re not alone. Tomorrow’s full moon in Capricorn is a BIG ONE.

Yes, full moons are always powerful, but this one is going to affect us all in a very intense way, and you may have already been feeling it, because the theme of this one is INTENSE TRANSFORMATION.

This full moon signals the end of something — either the end of specific relationship, or the end of a slump within it. Either way, a major, major shift is on the horizon, and you’re likely to be feeling the full-scale effects of these changes this weekend.

Here’s a bit of what you either have been or will be experiencing over the weekend as the full moon takes its effect.

Powerful Communication

On July 8, the full moon will be in Capricorn, within one degree of the planet Pluto. Pluto adds fuel to the fire of emotions we all experience around a full moon because this planets energy brings about transformation through destruction and then renewal.

You’ve probably been feeling like you’ve reached some kind of tipping point, and you’re ready to either blow up or run, but you don’t have to do either. Just breathe, and take some time to gain clarity, then speak your mind in a forthright way.

You emotions will feel overwhelming, and you’re likely to come off strong and powerful when you speak. Just take extra care to be honest yet gentle when you communicate.

You’re likely to come off a little stronger than you think you do.

Desire for Change

Full moons are a time of manifestation — of both endings and beginnings. You’ve probably been feeling pushed and pulled by your emotions (full moons can be felt up to three days before and after they occur) and it most likely has been messing with you. You could be especially tired, sleeping more than usual, or could have had days where you felt you didn’t need to sleep at all.

This is Pluto’s influence, working with the Moon, which rules the subconscious (working overtime in our dreams) Pluto has been bringing up the impulse in each of us for deep emotional changes- changes to what previously has felt set in stone.

Capricorn is a sign of traditional values and established institutions. Pluto is the bulldozer that destroys them, and the full moon tells us which of these are more important to us personally.

There’s a loneliness we’ve all been feeling, because of how solitary you have to be in order to hear your own inner wisdom, and in order to summon the power to carry it out.

Intense Sensitivity

Having the Sun in Cancer opposing the full moon in Capricorn makes for an interesting dynamic as well. You could find yourself being overly concerned with others’ actions, and that could result in attempts to manipulate or control their emotions.

On the opposite side, you might find yourself on the receiving end of some manipulative behaviors like jealousy, guilt tripping, threats, or intimidation. Do whatever you can to remove yourself from any dynamic like this, to allow this time to pass and to give yourself the space you need.

Regardless of the specifics, there’s a high likelihood of some kind of confrontation in your relationships, or if you’ve been experiencing that before the full moon, you’ll most likely have found the clarity you need to move forward now.

Some tips for the weekend: We recently went through the New Moon in Cancer, and that gave us the opportunity to clear up some emotional baggage and decide what we want to let go of in order to move forward. Think about what goals you set for yourself then, and consider this an opportunity to watch those goals manifest in real time.

These changes you’re making are necessary. If it doesn’t challenge you, you won’t grow.

The way of the world

I am always confused when it comes to what makes people famous. Previously i believed that you must have some talent or skill that set you apart from the rest. You would use that talent or skill to boost your name and eventually people will start to seek you out (follow your work) thus creating an opportunity for others to advertise their stuff and pay for you to do so.

Acting, singing, writing, interviewing…. Basically having an edge 

I don’t know how it works now.

People are getting paid big bucks for zero skills! Sex tape. . famous… Stripper… Famous… Out of control teen that needs boundaries and discipline… Famous…. Live in  well known city (real housewives of [wherever])….. Famous!!! Marry someone with a sketchy past… Famous…. Have a baby way too early…. Famous…

It goes on and on… 

What’s worse… Half the singers can’t sing, half the rappers are unintelligible, haven’t seen many young breakout actors, and there will never be another Oprah. 

Now let me go surgically enhance my ass  shake it for the gram so i can get engaged to RobK become  real housewife of Boston and start a makeup line. Look for my autotuned record and swimsuit line in the future.