Multiple personalities.

I could not stop laughing when I reread some texts from my mini humans. It is amazing how vastly different they all are from each other. You would think growing up in the same space even the same room would make them slightly similar but no, their unique personalities shine through dramatically.

The first born! He is emoji obsessed at times and really likes to throw some random things at me… I don’t know what moving his legs meant but there was no arrest that night so I don’t think it meant running from the cops!



The last born! He is probably the most mature of the three. He only texts when he needs to say something about something.




And then there was my middle guy. I don’t think he really got thewp-1451188302611.png concept. This is the only text conversation we ever had! As you can tell, I really had to hop out of this one. Phone calls only! Although, I wonder how long I could have kept the Hi going…





How The Gods Saved Christmas

My children are still young; 9, 9, and 10. They still believe in Santa very much. I enjoy that I have been able to maintain the mystery of this season for them. They also believe in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.


Yesterday, after I picked them up from school, the youngest shouted out “Jeremy doesn’t believe in Santa. He said that parents just put “from Santa” on some gift, put the parents really buy all the gifts.” I immediately put my hands on the 10 and 2 position and braced for the worst.

The chatter had begun between the boys. The oldest defended the belief and the middle child started to ask about the Tooth fairy. I just made noises “pfft” and “hmm” and prayed the talk went away, I didn’t want to openly lie to the boys but I knew there was a possibility that I would. I was not going to kill their spirits at this moment.

The car got quiet and then… The oldest says; “Mom, do you have a super secret stash of all of our teeth?”.


What I wanted to say: YES son it’s in a matte black vase that hangs out in the pantry. This vase not only has all of your teeth but it also has the first hair cut, the gross part of the umbilical cord that falls off after a while and premi diapers and cotton jaundice glasses! Oh yeah and itty bitty premi robes from the NICU. )Don’t ask why I have kept all of these things because I don’t really have an answer)

What I actually said: …… Huh??

Then like magic, the attention span the size of a gnat kicked in and BAMM! “I bet Jeremy doesn’t even believe in Zeus” The conversation started to turn towards gods and their powers until the youngest said, “guys, we should make a list of all the gods and their powers”.


How the gods saved Christmas

Elf you bad boy



I don’t know what has gotten into my child today.

Tomorrow is picture day for the kids at school so today I had to take out my kid’s braids so that they can be re-done tonight. During the time of take out, wash, and re-braid, we have nothing but conversation.

This is what it looks like when I take out the braids…


Washed and conditioned…





He says to me: “Mom, when we move, can we move to Florida?”

What the heck is going on with this Florida madness? What is the appeal of Florida? The storms? The weird legal cases I find?

He is in love with the idea of being able to walk out of the house and on to a beach apparently.  I told him that other places have beaches but he countered that with, “they don’t have warm weather all year” I don’t get it but my goal is quality of life for all so maybe I will have to consider that as an option. I just don’t know.

On a lighter note… I am dying my hair copper!!

Forward progress

Third stripe has been achieved! He is on the way to orange belt. He is so excited and is already planning his celebration dinner. The test isn’t until December.


What’s In a Name?

My boys and I have some really odd conversations. It’s not the topic so much as the time and age of the conversations. My oldest has been talking about how many children he would have when he is older. Ever since he was 7, he has said he was going to have a lot of children. My youngest didn’t want to have any children. Every time we play “The game of Life adventures” my oldest stick to the family cards and my youngest stays in the adventure section. Recently, however, they haven’t been talking about these things so today I brought it up. I asked the oldest how many children he wanted to have when he was older. He said 3 and my youngest chimed in with “a lot!!”

My, have the minds changed.

The funny part of this random Monday night story is: My oldest will name his first born son after himself (like he is named after his father) and his second born will bare the name of my second born and his youngest, my youngest! I think I have located the mama’s boy.

My youngest will name his first born after my first born and will name his second child Christina (what?) it will be his wife’s task to name the other children. I see who looks up to their brother.

My middle guy will have 3 children like his older brother but will name his children after the characters of Five Nights at Freddy’s including a boy named Bonnie and the youngest name marionette. Well at least he doesn’t want to grow up to be a race car anymore (yes a race car, not a race car driver)

It has become that time… Race talks

Today, the ride home from school was interesting. BabyB says: “Mom did you know that is we(the boys) were born in the 1900’s or so, we would be slaves? I want to research my heritage”. I took a quick look in the back seat and had no idea what else to say. I tried to take into account the fact that they are only 9 years old but we often have more “grown up” conversations (talking is the only time I do not shelter them). I said, quite bluntly, honey back in the “day”, it would not have been possible for dad and I to have a relationship at all (I am black, their dad is white). He took a look at his arm and the arms of his brothers and said, “I would have been a slave with you mom” he’s darker than his brother’s. His oldest brother says “hey!!! that’s no fair, I couldn’t be a slave”. Looks like we have to have a very in depth conversation. Truth: I have no idea where to begin with the talk, but we are about to embark on a huge family tree. I have always wanted to, but have never gotten past my maternal grandparents. I guess even a road block like that leads to some dialog. We will try to do both sides of the tree, mom and dad and see where it goes.