therapeutic thoughts and quiet minds: Getting back to the basics


To live an authentic life, you need to listen to your intuitive voice on all levels, staying true to values that serve you AND others, and refuses to compromise.

I have not been living an “Authentic life” lately. I have been a complete servant to my ego and it has been loving every minute of this undivided attention. I once prided myself on my inner happiness and true self. I learned, not over night, how to give the stresses of the day away and disallow their return. I have been drained lately, mind, body and soul and it is time for change. Not so much change, but a factory reset of sorts. Meditation used to be my failsafe, and as of late I have thought I lacked time but I have realized that what I lacked was drive.

Step one: Get back to the basics


When you begin to meditate on a regular basis, you will start to notice that thought and feelings that may have been building up inside of you are gently released and you reach the quiet place that was always there, waiting for you- the place of pure awareness. It is there that you will experience peace, healing, and true rejuvenation.

therapeutic thoughts and quiet minds


confusing confucius… living the reality

I actually enjoy scrolling through my facebook timeline. I like seeing the pictures that my friends and family post about their lives. I like when I see that people are doing wonderful things with themselves. I try to bypass, for the most part, all of the negative posts… you know the ones; gossipy, filled with anger, insecurity, pessimism. I stay away from those ones because, believe it or not, once you read it you can not unread it and it’s most likely going to tarnish your mood or even your entire day. Their are some, however, that I will read. Ones from people I actually keep contact with, ones that, just maybe, someone didn’t want to bother you with personally. Just maybe those ones warrant a phone call, text or whatever seems most uplifting at the time. I also “like” a couple of pages that I find some semblance of daily inspiration in like themetapicture and themindunleashed.

This morning I stumbled across a post form HigherPerspectives titled 10 Confucius Quotes That Will Change Your Life and after the morning that I had I really needed to read this.

“Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.”

I have been totally overwhelmed by recent events in my life and have been seeing red! I can’t seem to understand how people can do one thing and it seems fine to them but upon receiving that same treatment are complete beside themselves. I have been on a mission to treat others as they treat me because I hope that one day they will treat me as they want to be treated… This method I kind of learned in elementary school when I had a really, really crappy teacher… He would impart all kinds of unfair treatment and look me square in the face and say “don’t get mad get even”, I’ve, unfortunately,  been living by that phrase.

I guess this is just not my style… Someone calls me a Bitch and I call them an Ass I just end up feeling bad for calling them an Ass AND feel bad because they called me a bitch.

What I have gained from my morning confusion and then reading Confucius is that I will stand my ground, I will continue to treat others the way I would like to be treated in hopes of being treated with respect, because in the end, I feel better as a person.

#Trust  #honesty #loyalty


Work, Wine and Me Time

It’s that time again, time to uncork and unwind, purge my mind of all things of the day. Todays uncorkable is 90+ Pinot Noir from ninety+cellars. I’m sure you already know the name! The theme of this company, purchasing wine only from places that receive a 90 or higher on the wine scale, I have always thought to be awesome. I used to chit chat with the vendors when I ran the wine store and always learned something new. I have never tried to figure out where the wine was from but if you’d like to:

The story: This beauty comes from terraced vineyards scattered about Monterey’s hills and valleys where the cool Pacific air settles in the evening. Like a well-pampered child, this Pinot Noir likes to play all day in the summer sunshine and then sleep with the air conditioning on. This is one amazing Pinot for the price.

The taste: Aromatic strawberry, raspberry and cranberry aromas coupled with a little earth and cedar. The wine’s flavor is satisfyingly simple with a taut texture and juicy finish. This is a simple pleasure Pinot that you can feel good about popping open anytime you’re in the mood.

Personally, I do enjoy it. It is smooth with a bite. I get the strawberry and cranberry from it . But enough about that!

Today I had a “work with” with a new girl on team Boston! so this wine is much needed and deserved. This is not to say that the girl that I worked with was horrible or anything. This is simply because I think that this is more of a “let’s see what she’s up to” than a training for a new member…. I mean for goodness sakes I’ve only been at this for 4 months, what could I possibly teach her? On top of that, she knew everything already!! I went along with it. Thankfully they set this up when I was going to my well preforming locations! And…. AND…. tomorrow I convinced her to go to her locations tomorrow so that she works and I watch!

Side Note: Whomever runs this claims department is absolutely awesome!


Cigarettes, wine, and fights

This happens to be the very first blog post for crazy town. My aren’t you lucky! I happen to be, well technically, 3 glasses of wine in. I also had this whole post already written but had to restart the computer and lost it all.

The subject of the, already written  three glasses ago, post was, undoubtedly, my lovely boyfriend. You see, yesterday I attempted to quit smoking(I know…YAY!) but failed… epically! I called him in the morning because I was sure he would be the one to give me the support that I needed to fight and beat the intense craving that was surely driving me mad and bringing me to tears. He, instead, chose to tell me about his wonderful caramel hot chocolate and cigarette he was enjoying one his break. I wanted so badly to hang up on him, but held my cool. Although I managed to finish out the phone conversation, immediately after it was over, my blood began to boil. I was furious! How could he be so evil? So I text him, pretty much those words, maybe slightly harsher. He apologized but I was still on fire.

I was definitely a tense night at my place that night but we got through. This morning though, this morning was a different story. I was reinjured somehow or another and decided it was best if I spent the night alone. This obviously was not his plan and he was very adamant about seeing me this evening.

We fought about the toxicity of our relationship and everything  between. The drinking is a problem. But that is for a later post because I am currently sitting here with a drunk boyfriend and this is a tricky hard to handle situation wrought with suicidal actions and usually ends with a friendly call to the police department.

Good luck and good night