Dear Diary: You Write Like You Speak

Someone told me, a while ago, “you write like you speak”. I don’t believe this was meant to be a compliment nor was it meant to be a criticism.  Merely an observation? A tiny soundbite to make me think?

This comment popped into my thoughts after I had finished rambling on, in my mind, an observation of my own.

I had been on my back porch enjoying my morning coffee and examining the word love and how it has been used or not used throughout my 34 years of existence.

I attempted to recall my older sisters’ usage of the word and noted my younger brothers frequent conversational ending; “I Love you”. I accepted my own use of the word; multiple times throughout the day with my children and mostly in response to those residing outside my domain.

As I try to scrutinize how three people, who grew up in the same home, with the same parental figures, could have greatly varying practices of uttering this word, there it was… “You write like you speak”.

But why? How did that remark fit into this mental dialog? The fact that this comment lingers in my cranial filing system and has the wherewithal to spring forward, without being summoned, deserves some exploring.

Through all this black and white chatter, strangely, I am left with this thought; be mindful when speaking because words have sticking power.

Finally getting to the helping

After going through a lot of healing I am finally able to begin the helping part. I feel like I am definitely making some good steps towards being the “success coach” I know that I can be. I think that I will work magic in the mental health field and be able to assist people with going through life’s daily stresses.

I like to be of assistance whenever possible and help to navigate tough times and even be there just to talk if that’s all that is needed.

Let’s see… I have been enjoying the new step of volunteering  as a court appointed child advocate. I have to admit that upon beginning the training, I was intimidated by the people that were also there to volunteer. At first, I thought, OMG I’m so not as progressed through life as these people are! I was sitting in the room with a former police officer, a published author, a social worker, and an attorney to name a few. Then I thought to myself, why the heck are you intimidated? Everyone here has valuable and unique experiences to offer, including YOU! and just like that, I broke through that ceiling I had placed on myself and am now meshing very well and plan to keep these people in my life as an asset.

I was contacted by someone who needed some assistance in finding employment and was able to produce some really, really, outstanding opportunities for said individual. I am not sure that they will move forward with the opportunities and I have my suspicious as to why, but once they remove the limiting beliefs that they hold, they will find that, although those prospects sound intimidating, if you have the experience and the history, you should at least try.

While I was scrounging around for those job prospects, I came across another that I found a perfect match for someone else who had mentioned they were looking for a more suitable position. I forwarded that information to them and we will see if they “drink” (you can lead a horse to water)

I have been, for about a week now, trying to nail down some assistance programs for someone that is all the way in Florida! I found quite a few resources for this individual… See I even work at a distance 🙂

As it relates to “the Fixer”


It’s this very much a light bulb moment?




Here’s to finding yourself again my fixer friends. Find the complete story on the Earth Child’s Site


Wait a minute… I have a joke for you

So… A lawyer, a cop, and a social worker walk into a meeting room….

HaHa right??

Yes! that was my shock tonight at the first day of training for the Court Appointed Special Advocate Project.

I thought that I would be in a room of people that had no clue about many things and we would all learn this task together and become one and help the world. This was not the case. We were tasked with pairing up with the person next to us, conducting an interview and then introducing them to the rest of the class. Of course you all know that I have a wonderful fear of public speaking, but as I addressed the other day, I needed to find the source of the fear and kill it dead… I paired up with my neighbor who we shall call Bertha, for the time being. She is an older lady who has been married forever and was a technical writer with a BA in English and a MBA in something else. She is a retired lady who volunteer with a prison program. She was to my left.

To my right was a former police officer that did some work within the prison community. To her right was a social worker that is trying to get back into the field. To her right was a teacher of teachers, lol, for special needs persons. To her right was a lady that I didn’t really get too much information on because I was distracted by her Donald Trump pin. To her right was a attorney who is married to an attorney!

So can you see how I would be a little intimidated. All of these ladies (except for Trump lady) live in the more….. Expensive???? towns and here I sat. The sole minority from the city who grew up with kids who have been through the system. I have experienced, probably, a good majority, of what we will be dealing with. I have a super undergrad (I think they call that some college) and I and working on finishing my undergrad right now. I was, admittedly, intimidated but I feel like I held my own.

Here, let me distract you with my quick whit and Associate’s while I obtain this Bachelor degree.



Rock Bottom Part 1

Rock bottom is a little different for everyone. Mine is different from yours and yours is different from Mr. X’s. It is how we deal with being at the bottom that is similar for all people. Either you cave and give up or you fight and pull through.

Why do people give up?


Expecting fast results: It is true what they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and therefore how do we still expect instant change of our seemingly negative time periods? All things take time to bloom. Much like a flower, we need to plant the seed of change and cultivate and nurture the plant itself. Once the changes begin to take effect, we need to continue to take care of the changes we’ve put in place otherwise that flower will die and we will be back at the same place we started.

Stop believing in themselves: Once you stop believing in yourself, giving up is easy. I would love to say all things are mind over matter but I’ve heard one too many times “CrazyTown, you can’t just will things to be better”. I agree you cannot will change but you can change your limiting beliefs and once you are able to do that, the world is your oyster. You begin to believe that all things are possible and stop placing road blocks or ceiling caps on yourself. You begin to believe that you can do it, and that belief, that belief alone can give you the motivation to get out into the world and actually do it.

Get Stuck In the Past: I do not think there are many things worse than dwelling on past negativity. That is a surefire way to halt any and all progress. We should learn lessons from our past actions both the good and the bad. It is when we focus on the bad that it is easy to place all of those road blocks or limiting beliefs. “Well, the last time I tried to change I failed and therefore I will fail now” with that mentality, you are setting yourself up for that outcome.  Why not change it up? “The last time I tried to change X I learned that Y didn’t work, so this time I will try Z”

Dwelling on mistakes: See Getting Stuck in the Past!!!


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Happy Mother’s Day To All


It’s 10 a.m. and I am still in my frog pajamas! So you know precisely how I’m feeling.

Not only is it Mother’s day and I got to sleep way in, It’s also Sunday! Which means tomorrow is Monday and the first official day of training for the Child Advocacy Volunteer thing! I know I shouldn’t be this excited to work for free but I am!! I am really excited to gain some new skills and push myself into the world of helping for the very first time on a professional level. I know that I will have to conquer some tough stuff, like public speaking, and I am ready to do the work.

So dance my people! Dance like it’s Friday night and take life to the next level.

AOl you are right

Aol hit it on the nose with this one. This is exactly how my day has been going. All I want is a bowl of popcorn and a movie with the boys! I can’t wait until that happens…

Eh… could probably use a soft blanket and a man too!! but that’s neither here nor there…