Multiple personalities.

I could not stop laughing when I reread some texts from my mini humans. It is amazing how vastly different they all are from each other. You would think growing up in the same space even the same room would make them slightly similar but no, their unique personalities shine through dramatically.

The first born! He is emoji obsessed at times and really likes to throw some random things at me… I don’t know what moving his legs meant but there was no arrest that night so I don’t think it meant running from the cops!



The last born! He is probably the most mature of the three. He only texts when he needs to say something about something.




And then there was my middle guy. I don’t think he really got thewp-1451188302611.png concept. This is the only text conversation we ever had! As you can tell, I really had to hop out of this one. Phone calls only! Although, I wonder how long I could have kept the Hi going…




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