Helping and Healing

1438025409406I have come full circle. If you navigate your way throughout this blog you will see just what I mean. I have not altered or removed any of it’s content. My goal in life is to be completely transparent. I have been through many life changing moments and this one is a big one.

I most recently figured out what my true passion in life is; Helping. I thought at one point it would be to protect and serve but when that opportunity finally arrived I was faced with the tough question of if I could see someone clearly struggling emotionally and acting out because of it and just lock them up. How would I feel about that? Could I move through life with that on my shoulders? The answer was no and a new dream was forged.

I am currently studying to become a clinical psychologist and this journey is not only going to be fun, I will undoubtedly learn a lot about myself in the process.

I once lived with a man with many complicated issues including drugs, alcohol and violent behaviors. My first clue to this new revelation should have been the fact that I didn’t want to see him jailed, I only wanted to see him helped.

I am hoping that this blog will serve as an platform in which I can spark some meaningful connections with others that will help them move through some issues they may be facing.

I have a wealth of knowledge stored in my head and I would love nothing more than to use those life experiences to help someone else. Feel free to pick my brain, the sky is the limit. If I don’t know, I will find out. Share a cup of coffee with me during the day and a glass of wine with me at night!!!

Thanks in advance for your patients, kindness and page view… Drop a comment in any of the comment boxes and please subscribe.


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