Aquatics: Day 30

I got a froggy today. Kids named him Frogger (go figure). I originally wanted to have him in the 30 long tank with the Goby Dragon “Eli” and the African Butterfly “Michael Myers” but this did not work out for him. He is definitely a jumper! I found him squished between the clip that holds up the submersible filter and had to carefully release him. I figured he wouldn’t try that again but I was wrong. I rounded the corner just in time to see him take a running(swimming) start and leap right out of the tank and into the top of the filter! He was almost home free. I had to make the decision to put him in the huge tank with huge ass tank mates and just hope his little legs are quick enough to escape capture. He spent the first five minutes in the tank swimming laps trying to find the nearest exit. Unfortunately for him the water level is about 5 inches from the lid because Oscar is quite the jumper when food is involved.

He finally decided to rest is tiny legs on the bottom of the tank and the Oscar and Pleco were looking at him like where the hell did you come from. Good thing he almost looks like decor!



Fish Soup: Day 20

Can I start by saying, I don’t know if my pleco is cleaning the new dragon fish our trying


Not my ACTUAL fish

to consume its soul.

I have had fish for a very long time, my oscar, aptly named Oscar is probably around 6ish now. He is my baby and is about eight inches now. He is the patriarch of the tank and no one really messes with him. He will eat them! He has eaten many of pet fish over the years so I resigned myself to only having him in the tank. I scored a deal on a pleco (plecostomus),  named Dempsey, maybe 2 or so years ago and


Also Not Mine

since he lives close to the bottom of the tank I thought he would be alright. The deal was pretty huge! They costs around 10-15 bucks as babies in the pet store but the one I found was large. I don’t think he was actually for sale. I think he was actually a “working” fishy and was tasked with cleaning the tank at the pet store but some nube sold him to me at the baby price. He is now about 6.5 inches and thriving with Oscar. They have been together ever since. Today, while I was waiting for my laundry to wash, I ran over to the pet store to “just look”. I ran into Cat who chats me up about fish whenever I come in. We talked about rope fish and an arowana that had recently sold. Out of nowhere, she yells; “Oh I have something that you’re gonna love!”. Of course I am like… .Lets go! She walks me over to a tank and said “look at this dragon goby”. I was instantly sold. I immediately told her to bag’em up. He was so cute and a freaking dragon! Freshwater-Dragon-Fish-Aquarium

He is now named, Eli and will get to be about 3ft in the right conditions. He has really sharp teeth and can eat live. I hope he survives the cleaning that Dempsey is putting him through. No one dares put their hand in my tank and I like it like that!

Match: Day 18

One more day people! I don’t know why I am so excited, I am not turning 13 or 16 or AAEAAQAAAAAAAAdVAAAAJGU0ODNiYTFhLTY5OWMtNGU3NC05Zjg1LTJhNTQ0ZDI5ZGQxMweven 21!

I keep seeing the ad on my Hulu stream and I was just about to text “FREE” to the number so that I can enjoy 7 days of free Match and find a boyfriend for my birthday… but I forget the number to text…

Oh Well… Back to the drawing board.

Birthday: Day 17

In just 2 short days, CrazyTown becomes one year older CrazyTown. One year wiser. One year closer to…. #goals. It is my “New Year” and therefor I should make some resolutions. imagesI will think on them and be firm about them before the clock strikes. If you, your cousin, uncle, bestie, want to by me a drink let me know! I am accepting all wine glass, beer stein, coffee cup emojis in the comments!
To all my fellow celebrators of Capricorn nature: Happy-Freaking-Birthday

Predictive Index: Day 16

I took a Behavioral Assessment the other day for class. I thought I would share it here… because… why not.

I feel like it does describe me pretty well and the highlighted area was most funny.


Death: Day 12

I am posting today for yesterday because…. lyfe! Yesterday I was completely incapacitated. I was at deaths door, or at least that is how I felt. I stayed in bed for the most part, only getting up to take more pills …. I can’t even recall needed to use the misty mort 3restroom at any point in the day. I had someone picking up the kids from school and preparing them meals. I sent out for sinus pills, a humidifier, a neti-pot(new to me) and, nasal spray. None of those things worked for me. I just took pills can slept. Inhaled the steam from my tea and slept. Cried a little and slept.

I checked the wait times for the closest urgent care and opted not to wait in the waiting room for over an hour. There was one location that had no wait but, it was in the next town over and there was no way I was getting behind the wheel. When I had finally to just do it like Nike, their wait had grown to and hour and my local on 2+ hr. I didn’t want antibiotics anyhow, I told myself.

This morning, I feel a little bit better. Still have a slight ache in my face but I can actually see out of my eyes. I was able to drive. I was able to move about the world. I had been brought back from the brink of death. I hope yesterday was the apex and lyfe will become livable again.

The Page was Intentionally left Blank: Day 10