What Did I Just Find?

Having an odd sense of humor is something that I enjoy. Today, however, I almost wish I didn’t make the joke that I made.

The kids come home from school and love to share their day with me. This is how our family operates. We talk and share our worlds. Today, the baby, shared his artwork with me. The first was a flip book of sorts, filled with hand drawn characters from Five Nights At Freddy’s. Awesome kid… Great job.

We finally got into the house and he comes from the homework room and was like “look mom, this is the license plate that I made today. Now when I get a car in 7 years….”. Of course i’m like… Great!! that’s awesome.


I made a small joke via text to Mr. Craft:

Me: Stamping plates early, this one

A small joke about the attitude of a child… HAHA jail… get it?

Mr. Craft: I don’t know how I feel about that… Seems like they tryna b funny… Tha school system.

While trying to keep the spirit of my joke about the “system” being unfair to people of color, and it beginning at a young age… I continue on

Me: Bout to find out if the two light skinned ones made plates too

I’m sure you have read somewhere that my children are biracial (black and white) and my twin is almost my color and the other two are almost their dad’s color.

Mr. Craft: hmmm… if not am definitely callin NAACP..

Where’s Al Sharpton when u need him

That’s when I got the shock of a lifetime! I don’t pretend to be unknowing of the racial tensions that are engulfing our country today. I know it exists because you can’t go on any news station or website without something.

I remember seeing the picture of the high schoolers that took that really idiotic picture niggers-shirt-girlsthat has gone viral. I should have been able to search it and find it easily enough right? I eventually found the picture…  ——->

I’m sure these girls thought that this would be totally acceptable… LMFAO I don’t believe it either… Although this photo is shocking, what’s worse is the images that I found before finding this one.

I simply looked for “class of 2016 ni**a tee shirts” Why? because I thought those key words would bring this photo up, and only this photo up…. Sadly I was wrong.


I’m sorry….. What? When did this become something that is acceptable or appropriate?

Time for the closeup

This is mind boggling…. First of all, how did these girls get through an entire school day with that on their back? Second of all, who the hell made that tee-shirt?????


About Last Night

I found another list guys.. This one is a list of 23 of the best movies on Netflix that You haven’t seen. I decided it would be a good idea that I check that out.. You can too HERE

Last night we, Him (who will be forever known as Mr. Craft) and me chose #13 on the list, “Mr. Nobody”. The movie was awesome! I mean, really really good! It was about two hours and 15 minutes so we got a little tired towards the end.

The exhaustion was definitely warranted because making up is hard to do 😉


Photo Credit: A good Movie to Watch

I think tonight should prove to be an interesting one but I will let Mr. Craft pick. The next one will probably be “The boy in the striped pajamas”.

#StayTrueToYou #PEACE T-4days



I’m Sorry My Dears


When Parking Matters

It is not a good night for parking on the wrong side of the road on CrazyTown Lane!

Fortunately Luke Helped me remove and move some things in the garage the other day, and tonight I parked the car in it. I didn’t want to got through the hassle of brushing off the car tomorrow. THANK YOU LUKE!!! Plus my neighbor likes to park right before the start of my garage and I have to reverse close to her car so I don’t block the other neighbors garage.

wp-1453608672249.jpegUnfortunately…. No one parked in the spot I normally park in and two people parked on the wrong side of the street. When They get up in the morning, they won’t have to brush their cars off either, they will first think their cars have been stolen and then the police will tell them which yard their vehicle has been placed in. I’ve been there!!

It was 3 years ago and I woke up and panicked. I cried for about 20 minutes before I called the police to report my car stolen. They laughed a little before telling me which garage and it costs a couple hundred dollars to get it back.

They came with two flatbeds and a regular tow truck…  They quickly took those two cars away and kept on going down the hill.



I’m kind of excited about this blizzard. I feel the urge to hurry up outside and shovel the sidewalk. I think this is completely odd because who the heck really wants to shovel snow? I think this whole emotional eating thing has begun to switch over to emotionally keeping busy.

It may be also because I am cold and want to keep moving. Why am I cold? Because my heating system is shitting the bed and I’m in a rental! Yesterday they were weighing their options, whether or not to fix the current or replace… They were probably doing this over a nice cup of hot chocolate in front of their fireplace. This is the image I imagine.


While I have been here for about two weeks struggling to keep it hot in here and usuallybcbid-pcuaanw65 ending up like this.

Their plumber will be over Monday, after the storm so that he can see if maybe it should be fixed or replaced.

Oh goodie. Hoping that this weekend isn’t too cold haha… Hoping that I don’t turn into a fudgepop…
Have I mentioned that I don’t like winter? Well, It’s time for bed so that I could get up early and put some work in… Happy Saturday1210p89-fudge-pop-intro-l

Listed!!! Read up

I found another list on Higher Perspective that I felt the need to share.  This list is titled

9 Things To Expect When Dating A Strong Woman

1. She’s not going to play games.

Overall, she’s going to be a straight shooter. If she’s interested, she’ll tell you. Equally important, she doesn’t want games from you.

2. She wants a partner who is decisive.

To any strong person, indecisive people can be annoying. I’m not saying don’t think through your options. I am, however, saying that once you’ve thought it through, make a decision. She’ll probably be stressed out and annoyed by your indecision.

3. She wants to have real conversations.

Don’t expect gossip from this one. She wants to be intellectually stimulated. Try and keep up.

4. She wants to give respect and get it.

It’s a two way street and she knows that. In her partner, and with everyone else too, she wants to get as much respect as she gives.

5. She’ll always follow through.

Strong women aren’t the quitting types, and they expect the same from their partners. If you don’t follow through, expect a push in the right direction.

6. She doesn’t want a partner without ambition.

If you want to play video games in your mom’s basement, smoke pot, and deliver pizzas, that’s fine. She can respect that about you. But you don’t have a chance. She wants some drive in her partner.

7. She expects loyalty.

Cheat at your own risk. She won’t forgive.

8. She won’t want a night in every night.

Hey, strong women can be introverted, but even introverts like going out sometimes. Don’t expect her to want to stay in every night.

9. She’ll expect a lifetime commitment.

When she commits to you, even if it’s not a marriage proposal (don’t expect a strong woman to give in to marriage easily) she’s expecting you’re in it for the long haul. She is too.

Single….. What’s that?

I have been completely off my blog game for a few weeks now… But rest assured I’m back!

Second stop: WordPress Reader.

I checked out Fabulous With Glitchesbecause I think it’s a great read and conveniently titled “My single days”… NewsFlash…. CrazyTown, party of 1 is where I’m at.

She has a great story there about her date with the professor… This is definitely a must read. Side Note: I would have definitely responded in a funny way too!!  I giggle a little because… really… does that happen? and headed over to the V-Pub to see if Rob would be able to distract my mind further. This proved to be a good choice.

Reading about the single life, and technically being single myself, I began searching for some quirky single things I have experienced in my life. I was lost… I don’t think I have ever really been “single”. I met my ex-husband when I was just 18 years old. We were together until I was 26. During the legal separation/pending divorce, I met PB… We were together until I was 29…. And I met Him when I was 31… The year I turned 30 I was seeing a fella… All of these were monogamous situations… I’ve never been “single”… Even now that I’m single, I’m not…