Embrace the change

I love change! I know it frightens most people, but not me! I only hope that the change that has been contemplated actually comes to fruition. We are in the final day of the year and so people have already been making promises to themselves that they want to keep but the work is hard.

The work, in this case, has been tried and tested and the bar was missed.This was either due to complacency, acceptance or simply not being ready.

The only promise that I am making to myself for this new year coming is that I simply will not allow myself to be that “go to” guy for the world. I have been setting boundaries like crazy and frankly loving it!

I will not allow myself to fall into the “trap” unless results of change are evident no matter how much I want to.

This may all sound like a jumbled mess of letters smashed, but I assure you, it’s intended target with surely understand.


Happy 2016 my loves! Please enjoy this night and be safe in the process. Make 2016 a great year of life, laughs and love. PEACE


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