Easy buttons don’t actually exist…..

I’m fairly certain that I don’t have “it” in me to actually compose a thought, let alone a sentence, today. Today was one of those days that you wish you could just find a way, just an easy button kind of day.


My thoughts; Staples lied to me. I want to push this button until the cows come home, but sadly I have no cows and would be pushing this button forever to no avail.

I wish this day felt as pretty as the sky looked this afternoon as I drove home from “blitzing Easter”. It is always amazing to me how beautiful the world is and how often the people in it don’t appreciate it enough to, maybe, just smile. I mean if you think about it, if you really think hard about the world in which we live, it is absolutely breathtaking! from the countless works of art in the highest places, aka billboard graffiti, to the blue in the sky…. Just simply wow.

 IMG_20150401_124837 IMG_20150401_124847

How does one not just appreciate the fact that you woke up and that your heart is still magically beating?

As for last night; I don’t know when I fell asleep exactly so I think that means that “4-7-8” breathing actually worked!


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