He came into her life unexpectedly. She was excited by the idea of starting anew.

Hey I’m no “writer” but I had to give it a shot!

C.S. Wilde

THE DEAL:  Write your best two-sentence story, post it in your blog, and make sure to leave the link to your post in the comments below.

Or leave your two-sentence story in the comments.

OR post it on twitter using hashtag #atwosentencestory. Or all these things together!

THE REWARD: In a few days, I’ll compile the best contributions and publish them here. Not only that, but the first place will get a super special blog interview, gaining extra exposure to some 600+ readers (WordPress+Tweeter).

So here’s the kickstart!

They lowered the small coffin into the earth. She shed no tears.

Remember, it can be any genre you want: humor, horror, romance, anything at all as long it’s a two-sentence story.

Now get crackin’.

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