Netflix has done it again. Marcella. I have only watched the first episode and I can already feel the binge coming on. Show starts out with the chick in a tub with blood on her head and mud-like stuff on the downloadbathroom walls. I have an almost sick fascination with crime drama stuff and it’s set across the pond, so I am in accent heaven. Maybe I just want to drive on the wrong side of the road and say I have stuff in the boot of the car. Well, I have a week before the new term starts but inventory all week long so I will just have to see how tired I will be.

Let’s Share a glass tonight

It is that time… Wine time!!!

I never ever wonder why I don’t go out on Friday nights. The answer is fairly simple; I would much rather hang at home with a decent bottle of wine and a tolerable television show.

I am on my 90+ kick, tonight features Cabernet Sauvignon and Being Mary Jane (from the beginning).

I completely understand that without going out on Friday nights I run the risk of never meeting anyone, however, I really would rather meet someone who too enjoys hanging at home on a Friday night, or maybe a dinner out and a movie. I like this lifestyle. The ability to be home and be okay is an admirable one, especially when people only really go out to show off the clothes they just bought and get cat calls (just not my kind of attention).

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The life of an Army Wife

I almost joined the Army!

Back in 2000 , when I was in high school, I signed up for the Army… The real live fire Army. I found a recruiter and went through the whole process. I scored high on the ASVAB test and was to receive a $5000 sign on bonus. I don’t know if that bonus was a standard one or if it was based on my future MOS. I chickened out. I hate that I did now, but I also know that everything happens for a reason. Either way, I chickened out and killed my high school career in the process. The only way I could get out of being sworn in was to NOT graduate high school, so this straight A student, left school.

I feel like that moment changed my life. It made me more fearful. Actually now that I think about it, that moment I allowed myself to fear EVERYTHING.

I just recently started watching Army Wives. Every episode that I watch, I imagine myself in the Army. What would have happened if I went through with my commitment? How would my life be different?

I even, at least once, thought about moving to South Carolina. I don’t know, I just think that the military style of life is so right up my alley. I want to be in the show Army Wives but in a real world capacity.

Funny thing is I married a Marine. People wonder if that life was different than Army Wives life. Yes it was, my life was nothing like you see on tv and honesty, the show is just that. A show! But it’s nice to fantasize isn’t?