Dump Trump

The battle is real! The president odd the united states of America tweets way too much, for me… But in that, he also gives us some real insider knowledge if you have any interest in a glimpse of the mind of a undiagnosed narcissist.

After bullying person after person, today he tweeted that people that are transgender are going to be disallowed to serve in the military.

Just look at who y’all voted for


Happy Tuesday y’all

Where to begin on this day. I woke to a run over state lines which is good for my wallet. On this trip down the street, i opted for CNN for entertainment.

I turn on the radio and hear a bunch of back and forth. 

Apparently,  the Donald Trump Jr. Saga is getting heated. He has decided to release emails that clearly point to Russia’s attempted involvement in the 2016 election JUST SO HE CAN DO IT BEFORE THE NEW YORK TIMES!!!!!