I didn’t decide this! Today’s round table discussion

We sit at the table for every meal. That is the one thing that will always be. Having dinner as a family allows for better bonds and gives us a chance to catch up. Now, at this point in their lives they are not at the age where we actually need the “catch-up” time but it’s better to keep the habit than to try to forge it in the future.

Tonight at the round table the discussion centered on what they thought they had for concrete memories from their infancy.

Baby B says he certainly remembers a white gate surrounding him and his maternal grandmother holding him.

Baby A had no input.

Single Birth kid remembers the baby gate and me leaving him there. He was brought to tears when he tried to explain that he remembers me leaving him in the gated area and that he did not want to leave me at that time. He stopped there, apparently this was a very painful memory.

I explained to them that the gate was there because having three kids in diapers running around is not only chaotic but also dangerous. They would run around the house and attempt to pull everything down that was above their eye-line and within their reach. After all, someone had to cook dinner.

I was asked by Baby B why I chose him to be born last and I could hardly hold back the laughter. I tried to explain to him how when the doctors found the two heart beats and the two sacks and double everything, they had to label them A and B so that they could track the growth and development. He questioned why they didn’t take him out first anyhow just so he could be born first. I was lost for explanation but reiterated the labeling process and how it was just normal to remove A before B.. Alphabetical order!

I then retreated to the living room and opened the wall safe so that they could see and hold their certificate of live birth. This was when things got funny. They are reading and chatting about every bit of information on the forms. They are shocked that the doctors spelled their names right (they have a problem in school with correct spelling) I explained that this was the first time their names were spelled for them and the data clerks just put in the information that I filled out.

And then a screech!


HAHAA oh kid.. that’s just the day they entered/received the information for the certificate. Boy was he traumatized for like a minute. But could you imagine?!? Sometimes I think my birth year is off by one year!

Real story for you. I was up at my uncles house visiting with my aunt and my other uncle said something about birthdays and my mother said his to which he replied with a different date. She said she thought his BD was XX time and he said… So did I! but then I found out it was XX instead! OMG I would just flip.


Music… The gateway to addiction

My children are the most amazing tiny humans I have ever met in my entire life. I am often shocked and/or tickled by the things that they say. For example: My ex-husband is having another child. My youngest asked me if the baby would be living with dad, dad’s gf or me!! We chatted about that >>>>here<<<<

Tonight we stepped out to grab a few things from the store. We completed this mission and I was only buttered up once for a “new thing”. I gave in because it was the board game “Life”.

On our way home, my radio was on very low, the youngest heard that the song was Trap Queen and asked if I could turn it up. I told him no and he was all sad. I then explained to him what “the trap” was and what the song was generally about(to the bet of my knowledge). He freaked out a little and was like “Nooooo it’s inappropriate”. Then my middle guy asked me to turn it up… The baby was like “No, twin, you can’t listen to that because then you will get addicted to drugs”    :/



What’s In a Name?

My boys and I have some really odd conversations. It’s not the topic so much as the time and age of the conversations. My oldest has been talking about how many children he would have when he is older. Ever since he was 7, he has said he was going to have a lot of children. My youngest didn’t want to have any children. Every time we play “The game of Life adventures” my oldest stick to the family cards and my youngest stays in the adventure section. Recently, however, they haven’t been talking about these things so today I brought it up. I asked the oldest how many children he wanted to have when he was older. He said 3 and my youngest chimed in with “a lot!!”

My, have the minds changed.

The funny part of this random Monday night story is: My oldest will name his first born son after himself (like he is named after his father) and his second born will bare the name of my second born and his youngest, my youngest! I think I have located the mama’s boy.

My youngest will name his first born after my first born and will name his second child Christina (what?) it will be his wife’s task to name the other children. I see who looks up to their brother.

My middle guy will have 3 children like his older brother but will name his children after the characters of Five Nights at Freddy’s including a boy named Bonnie and the youngest name marionette. Well at least he doesn’t want to grow up to be a race car anymore (yes a race car, not a race car driver)


They never tell you how incredibly difficult it is to raise children. You see all the new moms in the world with their bouncing bundles of joy all smiling and laughing and aging the babies in months for the first 3 years of their lives. I am a mother of 3 boys and finally I am ready to remove that mask of “happy ass parenting” and be bold enough to tell the truth.

My oldest child(10) is probably the most sensitive kid I have ever met. He is just like me in that way. I falling leaf in early June means the leaf didn’t live a full life and therefore my heart is broken. I remember his first day of 4th grade. I picked them up from school and he had the saddest look in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong and he broke out in full-blown tears. It took everything I had not to cry with him. When I finally got him calm enough to understand his day one sorrows, he tells me that a friend didn’t say hi back to him and he doesn’t understand why. “I just miss the old Tiana”, HUH??? My kid had suffered his first heartbreak at the age of 8(almost 9). I had no clue what to do. I don’t even remember if I had a crush at that age. They don’t tell you that in the baby books.

My middle child (Twin 1 also known as Baby A) was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and I still don’t know how to help him really. I feel like every medical professional expects you to know what that means and how to help. It took years to even see someone regarding his slow development and when we finally got some assistance, the specialist was like…”I am leaning towards Asperger’s….. Nope PDD…..Okay have a good life”. Well my son is now acting out, aggressively, towards himself. He gets really angry when he feels like he doesn’t know something and hits himself. I have no clue how to help here either. I have an appointment with the specialist but it isn’t until November so until them we, the family as a whole, are in “don’t let him get upset” mode.

My youngest (Twin 2 also known as Baby B) has decided that lying is the only way to go. No matter what it is…. I have been trying to explain to him that lying gets him grounded but he has yet to really care about being grounded because he loves to read and when you’re grounded that is your only option.

So you see, on top of working and school, these kids created crazytown. They are definitely not 36 month old bundles of laughs and smiles. It kind of makes me feel like I am currently undertaking 3 majors and I need a tutor.