Aquatics: Day 30

I got a froggy today. Kids named him Frogger (go figure). I originally wanted to have him in the 30 long tank with the Goby Dragon “Eli” and the African Butterfly “Michael Myers” but this did not work out for him. He is definitely a jumper! I found him squished between the clip that holds up the submersible filter and had to carefully release him. I figured he wouldn’t try that again but I was wrong. I rounded the corner just in time to see him take a running(swimming) start and leap right out of the tank and into the top of the filter! He was almost home free. I had to make the decision to put him in the huge tank with huge ass tank mates and just hope his little legs are quick enough to escape capture. He spent the first five minutes in the tank swimming laps trying to find the nearest exit. Unfortunately for him the water level is about 5 inches from the lid because Oscar is quite the jumper when food is involved.

He finally decided to rest is tiny legs on the bottom of the tank and the Oscar and Pleco were looking at him like where the hell did you come from. Good thing he almost looks like decor!



All Signs Point to Yes

The stillness in the sky. I felt it. I felt every moment of it. I enjoyed it, breath it in because it is finally here, is what I told myself as I stared into the darkness of the night. Take this moment and stay in it! Don’t walk away or disregard it! Just stay in it. It was, in fact, the moment you’ve been waiting for, for well over a year! I made it through, I was told that I looked alive, and tonight I felt it.


I have reached a point that the only thing that truly matters is the well-being of my children, my new business adventure and my comfy frog PJ’s, coffee and netflix.


I have arrived, and I plan on taking over the world!

I have been running around a lot lately. New York, Philadelphia, and I will be in Los Angeles at the end of the month. This amount of running has definitely had it’s effect on my but jumping into┬áthis opportunity with both feet is what I am all about.