Mean Fish Mom

Pissed my oscars off tonight. Eh… it’s for the best, just ask my kids!!! I had just the one Oscar in a 38 gallon tank until about a month ago.

I went to a small business fish store last month and fell in love with an oscar that was probably about 2 years old. Some douche thought he was dead and tried to flush him down the toilet. He was, of course, too big to fit down the drain so was fished out (LMFAO). To captain douche’s surprise, Oscar 2 was not dead after all. He then brought him to a fish guy. I was in said fish guy’s place of business and, like I said, fell in love… With this fish and his story. I had to have him. I have had my Oscar for over 6 years now and was a little concerned about adding this baby to the tank. Not because of my fish but because this baby O had a really “street” attitude! I took the chance and my big O complied. He let the little guy strut his stuff for a while and then put him in his place.

Either way, I got them a bigger home (65) so they have room to breathe but I had to keep them in a bucket while I made the move. It is not small task to drain and break down a 38 AND setup and fill a 65. Also, I wanted to try under the gravel filtration so that was a project all its own. It took me quite a while.

By re-homing time, everyone was mad… More like stressed. Big O was laying down and baby O is shock-white. El Pleco is just lazing about. They seem like they are getting a little better though. I am probably more stressed than they are. I would be devastated if I lost any little fishy.

Aquatics: Day 30

I got a froggy today. Kids named him Frogger (go figure). I originally wanted to have him in the 30 long tank with the Goby Dragon “Eli” and the African Butterfly “Michael Myers” but this did not work out for him. He is definitely a jumper! I found him squished between the clip that holds up the submersible filter and had to carefully release him. I figured he wouldn’t try that again but I was wrong. I rounded the corner just in time to see him take a running(swimming) start and leap right out of the tank and into the top of the filter! He was almost home free. I had to make the decision to put him in the huge tank with huge ass tank mates and just hope his little legs are quick enough to escape capture. He spent the first five minutes in the tank swimming laps trying to find the nearest exit. Unfortunately for him the water level is about 5 inches from the lid because Oscar is quite the jumper when food is involved.

He finally decided to rest is tiny legs on the bottom of the tank and the Oscar and Pleco were looking at him like where the hell did you come from. Good thing he almost looks like decor!