Netflix has done it again. Marcella. I have only watched the first episode and I can already feel the binge coming on. Show starts out with the chick in a tub with blood on her head and mud-like stuff on the downloadbathroom walls. I have an almost sick fascination with crime drama stuff and it’s set across the pond, so I am in accent heaven. Maybe I just want to drive on the wrong side of the road and say I have stuff in the boot of the car. Well, I have a week before the new term starts but inventory all week long so I will just have to see how tired I will be.

Citing shootings, NY sheriff urges citizens to carry guns

Citing shootings, NY sheriff urges citizens to carry guns

The sheriff also urged all police officers, whether on active duty or retired, to never leave home without a firearm.

Head on over to PoliceOne to read this article.

I totally agree. As soon a I get my license to carry I will have a gun on my person as long as I am able to. There was a 31 year old female that was stabbed to death in Worcester the other day. In keeping with reality, I am a single female, living in a city with high crime rates and raising 3 children. If I can’t protect us, who will?