Beaching geese

I can’t do it… My kids love any body of water and i try hard not to impose my great fear of large bodies of water.

Do you see what i see? A couple of geese, a boat and people…. There is a guy fishing on the other! I could not put my body in that water!

This beach is not my speed

Sometimes it takes time. Grow through.Β 

I can’t imagine there is a single person that can relate to how I’ve been feeling as of late.

I’m going through a wealth of unsettling emotions. I’m trying to acknowledge them and process through them.

It is definitely a period of growth for me and I’m trying to see it as such. I know I’ll get through all of the chaos and therefore i must be okay with taking the time to get through.

Doesn’t mean I  don’t constantly feel like taking off, lashing out or, being destructive.

What i won’t do is invite the storm cloud to hang over my head once again. 


We have twin tones but work ethics on opposition

Day 3

Well… In my last post i talked about my reset buddy and how she needed a gentle nudging or, a small lesson in respect your elders rather. Today…. She was partnered  up with another young duck. 

I was okay with that! I thought, for a second, that maybe i was too passive aggressive with her and almost felt bad but then she came to me to complain about her new buddy… I giggled… 

I tried to play it off like my day was going swimmingly but it was just a front, i knew i chose the right partner.

I was grouped with the other abundant in melanin people ( the store mgr is very melanin deficient) and we had a good, “it’s because we’re black”, chuckle which lasted 3.5 minutes and then i was completely over the group.

I was partnered with the “lead” who kept leaving for many reasons. .. No reason at all… I was done with the “it’s because we are black and brown”…. I was done with watching the other lady in the crew do nothing but talk!

It is not because you’re brown it’s because the mgr really couldn’t leave the two, that actually came to get the job done, working together.

So at first i was mad at my fair skinned choice but quickly changed that tune when our split resulted in actually catching up to the time frame to meet the deadline. 

But now… I feel like this guy
Ready to call it quits

Hates planograms, loves merchandising

Day 2

Oh…. Yeah…. You have no idea what I’m talking about. Let me catch you up.

I accepted a contract to assist in the resetting of entire walgreens locations. I said yes to 3. Each location runs Monday through Friday and in 2 shifts. I chose the am at all locations. 

Feel free to hit my venmo

The first day, i chose to partner up with a young walgreens employee because obviously she would know the ins & outs and i would have less “figuring things out” to do.

As anticipated, with her insider knowledge and my speed and technical skills, we flew through the first 21 ft of school supply and stationery.

( each section is 3ft wide and 5ft tall)

This was mostly peggable product(any retail workers are definitely feeling for me) and we had to make the slate blank before filling, tagging, spacing. 

Today,  however, my young partner starting speaking to me as if i were her employee… Um tiny tot…. Let’s be clear, you don’t pay me! Griffin consulting is paid and not by you, hell not even directly through your corporate office. I am a third party contractor. I am my only boss… Not to mention i run circles around you.

Either way I’ll make it through this week and move on to the next location. 

If you need merchandising for your location, my aesthetics are top notch. I can visualize product placement and implement a plan of action for the most effective use of your space and merchandise.

Ready to be InstaFamous

There is always that one person you follow on IG that, every time there stuff comes up, you’re  like ” why do i follow”. 

Feel free to follow and ask that very question @mellee929. My IG is as random as my blog… Just fyi

I have that one person and every time they show up I’m like… Hmm.. Okay

This person, i think, has a child by a famous person and i believe that’s where their followers come from.

Today they twerked which is different from the other nine million stills of their backside. 

I have yet to bring myself to unfollow and i think i know why. I’m trying to figure out why… Why they have so many followers and a solid potential income and yet do nothing about it.

Let’s face it.. I’m never gonna twerk for the gram and i wouldn’t feel comfortable showing off my cake… Though with private school tuition i may consider itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚i kid of course.

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What is up with people today. After all of the drama, school suspensions and expulsions, why would these girls think it would be cool to go and do blackface shenanigans?

Photo credit BET


You will always receive backlash. You will end up having to delete your accounts. We, black people with actual black faces, are no longer going to take the high road and brush it off as ignorance. Please live the face you have and stop trying to have another. 

Love yourself…