Predictive Index: Day 16

I took a Behavioral Assessment the other day for class. I thought I would share it here… because… why not.

I feel like it does describe me pretty well and the highlighted area was most funny.



Death: Day 12

I am posting today for yesterday because…. lyfe! Yesterday I was completely incapacitated. I was at deaths door, or at least that is how I felt. I stayed in bed for the most part, only getting up to take more pills …. I can’t even recall needed to use the misty mort 3restroom at any point in the day. I had someone picking up the kids from school and preparing them meals. I sent out for sinus pills, a humidifier, a neti-pot(new to me) and, nasal spray. None of those things worked for me. I just took pills can slept. Inhaled the steam from my tea and slept. Cried a little and slept.

I checked the wait times for the closest urgent care and opted not to wait in the waiting room for over an hour. There was one location that had no wait but, it was in the next town over and there was no way I was getting behind the wheel. When I had finally to just do it like Nike, their wait had grown to and hour and my local on 2+ hr. I didn’t want antibiotics anyhow, I told myself.

This morning, I feel a little bit better. Still have a slight ache in my face but I can actually see out of my eyes. I was able to drive. I was able to move about the world. I had been brought back from the brink of death. I hope yesterday was the apex and lyfe will become livable again.

The Page was Intentionally left Blank: Day 10

Repello Inimicum: Day 8.00

5 movies into a child-friendly Harry Potter binge. This means we only watch one a night but, that is the only thing that is watched until the movies are finished.

I love the Harry Potter movies and one of the fellas is obsessed with them, and the books.

Repello Inimicum is a charm that, when cast in combination with Protego Maxima and Fianto Duri, conjures up a barrier of magical protection around the place the caster is trying to protect.

I have been having some off-the-wall, weird stuff going on. With all the headaches and stuffy feeling, there is also the constant car problems and everything seems to be hitting at once.

A spell of sorts is just what is needed. Let’s protect this life!


Time: Day 7.00

My package finally arrived yesterday, many days late, but I guess everything happens for a reason.

I had the best idea for Christmas this year. Now think, what is the one thing that every person in your life should get but probably doesn’t get enough of from you? Time! Time is everything that we focus on in this world and we never feel like we have enough of it. When our kids are born, they grow too fast. When we are on our death beds, we wish we had just a few more minutes. We don’t make time for ourselves. We are late, we have wasted it… EVERYTHING is one a “time”.

We should all, by now, know that time220px-MontreGousset001 is relative and we should be living in the moment that is now but hey… try and tell someone that time really doesn’t matter.

Either way, this Christmas, I bought watches for everyone I wished to express my desire to give more of my time to. If you think about the concept of time, giving someone yours is basically priceless.

I bought a small tree and decorated it by hand. I painted ornaments with names on them and waited for my watches. It was perfect! With one exception… 2 watches didn’t arrive in time… at all.. one was for me and one I planned on sending south for the winter. My familial give went off without a hitch. no one really needed to know I planned to dedicate more time for myself and the other was a huge secret anyhow. But now the watch has arrived and… With this being the 7th day in the year and Houdini has performed a similar act… I have no real use for el otro. I guess I shall place an ad on craigslist.

OhDee: Day 6.00

Is this what death feels like? If so, to the dead and dying, I am sorry!

I could feel the swelling in my eyes before even placing my feet on the floor. I was hesitant to check because I was sure seeing the meat cleaver someone inserted into my 61OSEr5eVgL._SX355_skull would cause the pain to increase. I stumble towards the fridge in hopes of putting out the fire on my brain with an ice-cold water. This didn’t work. I fumble through every item that could contain a magic pill. I didn’t have much hope for that because I don’t take pills so why would I find one? I happened upon an emergency purchase of Tylenol cold and flu severe liquid stuff. I remember getting that for a kid in a middle of the night crunch. I didn’t even retain the measuring cap for the stuff, but I really needed this pain to go away.

The directions suggest 30mL for persons over the age of 12. Without the cup how do I convert to a measure I know? There was no way I was going to ask Alexa’s loud ass the answer. Searching for anything that had mL attached to it without a care of putting things not relevant back was fun. It worked, I found some measuring spoons tbs/mL… at least, I think! I was in such bad pain that I didn’t even care that I was taking medicine that was for a wealth of symptoms I didn’t even have… yet…

Either way, I am pretty sure, at this point, that a tbs is equal to 5mL and I needed 30mL STAT. Down the hatch!

I lay there praying that the pain finally subsides. I would have sold my soul to the devil.

maxresdefaultAs lay there I start to feel woozy and nauseous… This can’t be a sign of recovery, let me move around, I think to myself. I walk to the kitchen. I feel slightly drunk with the spins. Now I am hot. I walk out into the -1-front porch. My hands are cold, but my body feels like it on fire. The hatchet in my skull now feels as though it is made of ice, and not in a good way.

I was truly scared. My body was so cold, yet I was sweating. I felt like it was the end. I didn’t know what to do. Should I call poison control? Did I take too much liquid hell? I Cold_Sweat_Emoji_grandelay there. Blankets on, blankets off. I must have dozed off a slept away the poison I had introduced to my body. I will never take medicine of any kind again. I will not be giving it to my kids either.

SnowDayz: Day 5.00

I woke up today and thought it was Saturday. I didn’t really know how to go about this day because it wasn’t. The boys have been out of school pretty much since 12/22. They went to school one day this week, Wednesday, and had two snow days with the blizzard of death that came through. I haven’t even been out of the house since recovering the car… but then again, it feels like I have been indoors forever though it has really only been a day…

Biggest problem I am having right now… Trying to connect my Amazon dot to my FireTv. I will leave that for another day because I am ready for this one to be over.


This is pretty much me ^ I don’t know exactly when I became obsessed with all thing amazon but I am amassing quite a collection.

Anyone out there have a device I can drop in on? 😉