Mother of Multiples

Congratulations! You’re having Irish triplets!!!

The phrase, as I’m sure you know, means that my children are less than 1 year apart in age. You may have heard more readily of Irish twins. I had actual twins and they are just 8 months younger than their older brother. I am sure you are wondering how the hell that happened so let me answer a few questions now.

Yes they are all mine.

Yes they have the same father, my ex-husband.

Yes they are a handful and then some, now!!

The twins were born at 32 weeks (That’s two full months early) and at just over 3 pounds each if you can imagine. They were born via emergency C-section after my water broke while shopping in target. The older of the twins (by 1 minute) died for a few minutes after his bowel ruptured because he had NEC(necrotizing enterocolitis). He has also been diagnosed with PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified). It was an interesting time having three kids in diapers at one time. It was not as hard at home as you’d think, they came home staggered. Obviously the first born was 8 months at the time, but he has also gotten all of his teeth out of the way and was a full-on walker! The universe helped out there. Baby-B came home first after a month in the NICU. We had to adjust to having two kids at home. One with a sleep apnea monitor hooked up to his body(just in case) boy was that a loud system! Never accidently forget to turn it off when removing it from baby! A month after adjusting to two, we got the third.

These three are my life. My source of energy and my driving force. And I am theirs.

While working yesterday, I figured out what my cause would be. First off, it will certainly be named for them “3DShares” (All of them have the first and last initial of “D”). I thought about how hard it was for me, not when they were babies, but as soon as they became school age kids, life got tricky. I work, I can’t NOT work. Their father works and is financially supportive of most things, however, it’s still a battle. Uniforms times 3, school supplies times 3, sneakers times 3…. you get it.. If it is this hard for me to do these things while having the assistance of the father, almost like a non-divorce, it must be amazingly trying for those who don’t basically have two incomes. We, 3DShares and I, will figure it out together. It is what we do.


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