Fumbling around dating sites for no reason at all. I don’t think I am in the mood for people. A guy called Mike pops up. He wasn’t unattractive, he was a single parent like myself, lives super far away, which I like, so a respond. I immediately regretted it. It started much like all other online stranger conversations; “what’s a pretty girl like you doing on here”. Insert generic ass answer. Can’t really say that I am trying to reaffirm why I do not like talking to people.

After the same ol’ same ol’, I popped the question; Do you drink? He said he had slowed down which raises a red flag. I didn’t want to probe but apparently, I didn’t have to. He shared with me that 3 weeks ago he was drinking (probably heavily) and woke to his friends deceased body.  He was generous enough to give me many more flags to plant and a reason to blog about it. Like, dude, did you kill your friend? Did he drink to much? How was the body found? Any gun shot wounds? Lacerations? Signs of asphyxiation?

So if a potential crime wasn’t enough of an overshare on hour one of conversation one he throws in the “special needs” son card. This one touches my heart for obvious reasons. I wanted to ask questions because maybe we did have something in common.. This was until he shared that he has only been single for a year after a 13 year relationship with the mother who stopped having sex with him after the son was born “like that” and was cheating on him while his mother was on her death bed. I think that his word choices are flags on their own, well maybe coupled with the dead friend “that type of disrespect cannot be tolerated”.  Like, did your, now, deceased friend disrespect you that night? Was he the one sleeping with your girl?

How do you ask someone if they killed their friend without coming as rude or callous? I have to know and apparently, I am still a magnet for other people to spill their guts to so I will entertain the conversation until I know.

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