Accomplished: Day 52/72

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I guess, if nothing else, I can feel good about getting these two classes finished. I am still pushing forward on the whole degree attaining mission. I will get it done even if I have to slow play it for many years! In theory, it should only take me another year to complete but I keep stopping and starting. I think I will just get it done.

I don’t regret not doing this right out of high school because I think it has benefited the boys over the years. They get a sense of oneness when mom sits down to do homework along side them. I also think they will be more likely to pursue  higher education if they actually see me doing it, versus, them hearing “go to college, I did!”

No matter how long it takes you, get your goals accomplished! And do not, I repeat, DO NOT stay on a path that is taking you nowhere just because you think you should be there. I promise it will not help you in this lyfe.


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