Burning both ends

As hell week comes to a close (hopefully) i want to make this occasion by partaking in some open self reflection.

As you may or may not know (or care) i have been going through the most this July. I mean some serious ‘break you down down’  kind of stuff.

I feel like I’ve reached the summit. 

I have noticed something interesting about myself at this tumultuous time in my life. I have learned that i tend to go way beyond solution. 

For example: 

problem; new 500 dollar addition to an already skin tight budget.

Norm solution; pick up a couple extra hours

My solution; work day and night to meet, exceed, demolish, new bill

You may not see a problem with that but what you don’t see is that everything else has now been placed on the bank burner and will eventually overwhelm me leading to burn out and anxiety and a whole host of unneeded stress.

What i need is to find a balance and be okay with meeting and not always over achieving. I think i could benefit from a not so likeminded person to just say hey… Close your eyes and breathe. 

What i could use is that☝


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