Hates planograms, loves merchandising

Day 2

Oh…. Yeah…. You have no idea what I’m talking about. Let me catch you up.

I accepted a contract to assist in the resetting of entire walgreens locations. I said yes to 3. Each location runs Monday through Friday and in 2 shifts. I chose the am at all locations. 

Feel free to hit my venmo

The first day, i chose to partner up with a young walgreens employee because obviously she would know the ins & outs and i would have less “figuring things out” to do.

As anticipated, with her insider knowledge and my speed and technical skills, we flew through the first 21 ft of school supply and stationery.

( each section is 3ft wide and 5ft tall)

This was mostly peggable product(any retail workers are definitely feeling for me) and we had to make the slate blank before filling, tagging, spacing. 

Today,  however, my young partner starting speaking to me as if i were her employee… Um tiny tot…. Let’s be clear, you don’t pay me! Griffin consulting is paid and not by you, hell not even directly through your corporate office. I am a third party contractor. I am my only boss… Not to mention i run circles around you.

Either way I’ll make it through this week and move on to the next location. 

If you need merchandising for your location, my aesthetics are top notch. I can visualize product placement and implement a plan of action for the most effective use of your space and merchandise.


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