Ready to be InstaFamous

There is always that one person you follow on IG that, every time there stuff comes up, you’re  like ” why do i follow”. 

Feel free to follow and ask that very question @mellee929. My IG is as random as my blog… Just fyi

I have that one person and every time they show up I’m like… Hmm.. Okay

This person, i think, has a child by a famous person and i believe that’s where their followers come from.

Today they twerked which is different from the other nine million stills of their backside. 

I have yet to bring myself to unfollow and i think i know why. I’m trying to figure out why… Why they have so many followers and a solid potential income and yet do nothing about it.

Let’s face it.. I’m never gonna twerk for the gram and i wouldn’t feel comfortable showing off my cake… Though with private school tuition i may consider itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚i kid of course.

Venmo donations @MelissaJoy22


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