The way of the world

I am always confused when it comes to what makes people famous. Previously i believed that you must have some talent or skill that set you apart from the rest. You would use that talent or skill to boost your name and eventually people will start to seek you out (follow your work) thus creating an opportunity for others to advertise their stuff and pay for you to do so.

Acting, singing, writing, interviewing…. Basically having an edge 

I don’t know how it works now.

People are getting paid big bucks for zero skills! Sex tape. . famous… Stripper… Famous… Out of control teen that needs boundaries and discipline… Famous…. Live in  well known city (real housewives of [wherever])….. Famous!!! Marry someone with a sketchy past… Famous…. Have a baby way too early…. Famous…

It goes on and on… 

What’s worse… Half the singers can’t sing, half the rappers are unintelligible, haven’t seen many young breakout actors, and there will never be another Oprah. 

Now let me go surgically enhance my ass  shake it for the gram so i can get engaged to RobK become  real housewife of Boston and start a makeup line. Look for my autotuned record and swimsuit line in the future. 


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