Dating in your 30’s.. Uh…

The other day, i went on and on about a rollercoaster ride and how traumatic those can be. What’s worse is, i found something that is infinitely more scary (scarier? Idk… Cause f- grammar). 

What could be worse than the ups, downs and, loop-de-loops? 

The thought of dating in your 30’s. The idea of it gives me the heebijeebies. The online of it makes it all the more anxiety inducing.

Granted, you don’t have to turn to the online dating community, but, what else is there for the non-partying introvert?

I love my me time so much… But… I could also benefit from the causal bonding time that comes with interacting with someone  on a more… Intimate(get out of the gutter guys) level. 

Let’s face it, I’ve had it up to my nose with struggling to maintain some connection with the one clearly operating the ride I’m on so i believe it is officially officially time  take the seatbelt off and try something new. 

I am well aware that there may never be another that matches my level of awkward quirkiness but maybe there never really was. 


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