She was lost and then this….

In November of 2009 my now ex-husband moved out. He left me! We had been dealing with, and not too well, marital stresses such as finances (I was a stay at home mom and wife), Infidelity (he loved ALL women) and, raising 3 children all of which were in diaper (the twins were born premature and are only 8 months younger than the first born).  He felt it was best that he moves out and leave me with all of the responsibilities of raising kids and taking on the home. I found myself lost and without any means of supporting children, a household or, any of the bills.


In that moment, that day I got the phone call of his departure, everything changed. Did I forget to mention that I was visiting my brother in the south when he called to tell me that he was moving out and leaving the children in the care of his brother’s girlfriend? Either way, I knew at that moment I needed to get my shit in gear.

I was introduced to independent contractor work through my sister. She was subbing for a company who transported laboratory supplies to various veterinary clinics in MA. She was looking to take on a bigger route and her route would be open and so I snatched it up. It was not a huge paying gig but it definitely helped out. That’s when I figured out that working and raising 3 kids was not going to be a breeze.

I felt like the world was crashing down on me at every turn during this time in my life. Any job I found came with hours and my kids did not come with built in childcare. I managed to get by with having my brother-in-law’s girlfriend watch the boys and the occasional dadsitter.


Those first few years were a nightmare and a blur.

I found it very easy to interview and get a great job here and there but then in popped my childcare struggles. Every time I had to leave a great position I felt like the rug was ripped out from under my feet and my kids and I would have to start all over again.  My most regretted departure was at a high-end makeup retail store that I worked at. As usual I start off at the bottom, I work my ass off and within months I was promoted to manager. After reaching the managerial level, that came with responsibilities and a huge salary increase, my childcare issues began. The live-in that I had decided that she was going to move to a new state, she was having issues with her boyfriend, my brother-in-law (also loved ALL women) and she found a new man. This man lived in Connecticut and she was moving in with him. I struggled to find some sort of child care, I searched high and low. I reached a wall and had to leave.

After leaving that position, I worked a few more, short lived, positions but I yearned to be my own boss. I wanted to make my own hours, never have to look outside for help, and be the creator of my own destiny. I needed to work for myself.

In walks Griffin Consult: I now make my own hours, work when I want and determine my fate. I sub for at least 3 companies at a time now and that is getting me through for now. My ultimate goal, however, is to build my consulting business and make Griffin Consult a household name.

I want to empower others, especially people that have gone through things that I have. I want them to know that they are the ones who determine their destiny. There is a way around everything you just have to find it.

I could think of no better way to do so than to join a proven company that does just that. I now have the ability to do the things I want. I can show people that although things make be difficult there is ALWAYS a path to greatness, to comfort, to living and not just existing as I was so long ago.


This is my story. What is yours?

Show your support by shopping with me or being a part of my story


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