Fire Flashbacks

We were on our way home from school when I first noticed the smell. It was unmistakable, I knew immediately that someone’s home was on fire. I was able to explain the difference between someone having a backyard bonfire and this aroma to my children. I held it together fairly well but inside I could feel the emotions of my own experience with house fires. The fire in my house, where I lost my father and sister, was 25 years ago but the smell of a home burning brings back the feelings as if the fire was yesterday.

I got the children safely to their destination and navigated myself back to the area of the blaze. I drove up the street  and the smell was all consuming. I got as close as I could without freaking out.


The flames were so high coming from this roof and the wind made me feel like the fire would surely last forever.

The smoke made for poor visibility around the neighborhood.


The entire block looked like this.


I can only hope that everyone made it out okay



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