I was sent into shock the other day when I found out that my cousin had been found dead. There are so many questions I have that have not yet been answered and I have had a headache since news broke.

Unfortunately, when tragic things happen (in my opinion) people are sent in one of two directions. People either allow the event to send them into a state of unrelenting sadness where they are unable to function or they are sent head first into over-activity.  Both of those extremes are bad (everything in moderation) and like most everything else there is a spectrum. To find the balance between those two worlds is key (as is all things in life) and finding that balance is difficult.

I have been monitoring my Facebook feed and have noticed that most of the parties that are directly touched by this tragic situation have fallen off the “book” so I am unable to speak to their placement on the spectrum but some have remained and seem to be leaning towards the frozen in time part of the spectrum.

I have gone to the other end. I am in “hyper-productivity” mode even though I know this will inevitably lead to burnout. I wrote the final paper for psychology, got a business license/certificate, set up a business checking, in the process of applying for notary appointment, cleaned house, worked, cleaned fist tank, and bought a bonsai for peace  all before noon today.

I know I need to slow down because 1. I will run out of things to do and boredom leads to deviance and 2. the stress will eventually take physical form.

It is always hard to lose a loved one no matter the age or the reasoning. So take care to tell the ones you love that you love them while they are in this very delicate physical form.


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