Act NOW or vent later

I have always been a thinker. I have always been an OVER-THINKER. I have always thought so much that action is slow to go. This, my friends is a no no! What happens when you think and think and then don’t act? NOTHING! nothing happens at all because you didn’t act. Well at least nothing happens for YOU and YOU are the one at a loss.

I am in vent mode at the moment, because yet again I didn’t act. Here’s why.

Way back in “the day”, when my ex-husband and I were early into our cohabitation, we were young and fairly poor getting started on a life together. We had the essentials and were able to pay the bills but we didn’t have creature comforts such as a freaking colander for straining the water from pasta! One day I was making spaghetti and as I was holding the hot pot and a plate over the opening, praying I didn’t drop all of the pasta into the sink, I turned to my now ex and said; “someone should invent a pasta pot with holes in the lid so that you can strain the pasta without even a need for a colander”. He ignored me as usual and the day went on. Some time down the road I was watching late night TV and saw:


I was so angry with myself for not acting on my first thought! What is it to invent? Find the problem, solve the problem, make the money!

I often think about how my life would be different had I actually acted on solving my pasta crisis. I would not change a thing because I love my life… But, admittedly, I would be in a completely different financial state.

Today I was running around the internet and came across an article titled

Your Brain Has A “Delete” Button- Here’s How To Use It!

I was intrigued of course. You see, just three weeks ago I was talking to my children about the importance of sleep and how that helps their body to “heal” itself in many ways. I was specifically talking to my youngest about the our joint problem of forgetting things because we learn so much so often and related it to computers and how information is organized and rewritten. Later that week, I was with my paid bestie, and I was trying to explain to her what I though about information processing in accordance with prioritizing useful or frequently accessed information and how our brains essentially puts the least “used” info into its recycle bin. Though this information isn’t deleted it is buried and harder to grasp. Either way….

I found and article on my Facebook feed, Titled  Your brain has a delete button… by Mystical Raven and I read the article and found it sourced back to Life Coach Code (same article different poster) and sourced that back to the original composers located The fast company   written on the 11th of this month and year!

I can’t not help but to be a little bit peeved at myself for not composing my thought two weeks ago when I had this on my mind. Although I am not yet a popular source of intellectual philosophical theories, I will be at some point and would have loved being the first to describe the deletion of information from the brain comparing it to a relate-able analogy such as the PC or a garden as did the fast company.

So head over to any of those three sites and read the article and enjoy the analogy. Also act on what you think people! how does it go? Speak now or forever hold your peace! haha




2 thoughts on “Act NOW or vent later

  1. Over-thinker here as well. I over-think looking for peace of mind that I will be making the right decision. I realize now that all decisions come with drawbacks and you just have to make the one that is best for that time.

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