Finally getting to the helping

After going through a lot of healing I am finally able to begin the helping part. I feel like I am definitely making some good steps towards being the “success coach” I know that I can be. I think that I will work magic in the mental health field and be able to assist people with going through life’s daily stresses.

I like to be of assistance whenever possible and help to navigate tough times and even be there just to talk if that’s all that is needed.

Let’s see… I have been enjoying the new step of volunteering  as a court appointed child advocate. I have to admit that upon beginning the training, I was intimidated by the people that were also there to volunteer. At first, I thought, OMG I’m so not as progressed through life as these people are! I was sitting in the room with a former police officer, a published author, a social worker, and an attorney to name a few. Then I thought to myself, why the heck are you intimidated? Everyone here has valuable and unique experiences to offer, including YOU! and just like that, I broke through that ceiling I had placed on myself and am now meshing very well and plan to keep these people in my life as an asset.

I was contacted by someone who needed some assistance in finding employment and was able to produce some really, really, outstanding opportunities for said individual. I am not sure that they will move forward with the opportunities and I have my suspicious as to why, but once they remove the limiting beliefs that they hold, they will find that, although those prospects sound intimidating, if you have the experience and the history, you should at least try.

While I was scrounging around for those job prospects, I came across another that I found a perfect match for someone else who had mentioned they were looking for a more suitable position. I forwarded that information to them and we will see if they “drink” (you can lead a horse to water)

I have been, for about a week now, trying to nail down some assistance programs for someone that is all the way in Florida! I found quite a few resources for this individual… See I even work at a distance 🙂


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