Wait a minute… I have a joke for you

So… A lawyer, a cop, and a social worker walk into a meeting room….

HaHa right??

Yes! that was my shock tonight at the first day of training for the Court Appointed Special Advocate Project.

I thought that I would be in a room of people that had no clue about many things and we would all learn this task together and become one and help the world. This was not the case. We were tasked with pairing up with the person next to us, conducting an interview and then introducing them to the rest of the class. Of course you all know that I have a wonderful fear of public speaking, but as I addressed the other day, I needed to find the source of the fear and kill it dead… I paired up with my neighbor who we shall call Bertha, for the time being. She is an older lady who has been married forever and was a technical writer with a BA in English and a MBA in something else. She is a retired lady who volunteer with a prison program. She was to my left.

To my right was a former police officer that did some work within the prison community. To her right was a social worker that is trying to get back into the field. To her right was a teacher of teachers, lol, for special needs persons. To her right was a lady that I didn’t really get too much information on because I was distracted by her Donald Trump pin. To her right was a attorney who is married to an attorney!

So can you see how I would be a little intimidated. All of these ladies (except for Trump lady) live in the more….. Expensive???? towns and here I sat. The sole minority from the city who grew up with kids who have been through the system. I have experienced, probably, a good majority, of what we will be dealing with. I have a super undergrad (I think they call that some college) and I and working on finishing my undergrad right now. I was, admittedly, intimidated but I feel like I held my own.

Here, let me distract you with my quick whit and Associate’s while I obtain this Bachelor degree.




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