Rock Bottom Part 1

Rock bottom is a little different for everyone. Mine is different from yours and yours is different from Mr. X’s. It is how we deal with being at the bottom that is similar for all people. Either you cave and give up or you fight and pull through.

Why do people give up?


Expecting fast results: It is true what they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and therefore how do we still expect instant change of our seemingly negative time periods? All things take time to bloom. Much like a flower, we need to plant the seed of change and cultivate and nurture the plant itself. Once the changes begin to take effect, we need to continue to take care of the changes we’ve put in place otherwise that flower will die and we will be back at the same place we started.

Stop believing in themselves: Once you stop believing in yourself, giving up is easy. I would love to say all things are mind over matter but I’ve heard one too many times “CrazyTown, you can’t just will things to be better”. I agree you cannot will change but you can change your limiting beliefs and once you are able to do that, the world is your oyster. You begin to believe that all things are possible and stop placing road blocks or ceiling caps on yourself. You begin to believe that you can do it, and that belief, that belief alone can give you the motivation to get out into the world and actually do it.

Get Stuck In the Past: I do not think there are many things worse than dwelling on past negativity. That is a surefire way to halt any and all progress. We should learn lessons from our past actions both the good and the bad. It is when we focus on the bad that it is easy to place all of those road blocks or limiting beliefs. “Well, the last time I tried to change I failed and therefore I will fail now” with that mentality, you are setting yourself up for that outcome.  Why not change it up? “The last time I tried to change X I learned that Y didn’t work, so this time I will try Z”

Dwelling on mistakes: See Getting Stuck in the Past!!!


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