BellaCandles Not so ‘Bella’

This is a public service announcement: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT accept bella candles free candle offer. I ordered a candle from them a while ago because I wanted to check out the whole “jewel in candle” fad that was going around. The candle was nice enough and so I didn’t regret the thirty bucks sent on it. I enjoyed the candle enough to order another one and that was enjoyable as well.

About a month ago, however, I got an email from them offering a free candle because they had created some new fragrances. I thought, what the heck and proceeded to the site. I paid the shipping and handle which was about ten bucks and waited for the candle. It was a nice candle, very large and smelled amazing! I would order again.

unbeknownst to me, that “free” candle came with more strings than the shipping costs. Yesterday I checked my bank account and found a strange three dollar charge from bella candle    and was going to give them a quick call to see what that was all about. I got up this morning and decided to kill some psych study and then get along with my day. I logged into my bank account to get any necessary trans numbers needed to figure out the strange charge and BAMMM there was a fifty dollar charge from bella candle WTF???

I called them with a slight attitude 😉 and found out that the free candle came with a monthly subscription. I don’t even know what the subscription is or what’s involved. The CS rep was like but you got a free candle… Ummm…. I could have purchased a ten dollar candle from the damn store and I would NEVER spent fifty dollars for a freaking candle.

So people, I know nothing in life is free but when you’re in business you have to give a little to gain a little and I’m sure the cost to make the candle is not a ton….

Either way, be mindful when you shop at Bella Candles


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