Umm…. Always learning to lose

I feel like I’m always learning and I like that. I have been wondering, as of late, if all that I am learning happens to also be pushing things, that haven’t been accessed in a while, out of the window. For example; I sometimes can not, for the life of me, find the word that I am looking for… It just flies right past my brain and I end up having to go the long way explaining what it is that I am in search of. This is more than just a walk into the kitchen and forgetting why you are there.

I can’t say that it doesn’t freak me out in the moment because losing things, especially words, always sends a twinge of panic coursing through my veins. I am, however, beginning to wonder if I should take a small break from knowledge uptake and enjoy a little “me time”.

Well, unfortunately but fortunately, this kit-kat break cannot happen until at least after the month of may.

The training program for the child advocacy project starts next Monday so I will just have to work with some deep disk clean-up of the old noggin. It’s like I have deleted things from the hard drive but I wish I had just sent them to the recycling bin because now they’re being rewritten. Enough tech speak (information technology course vomit)

So I guess for the evening it will be, peach tea and the Amazon fire tv for this gal…

Tomorrow I’m on the hunt for the perfect mental distraction because I can’t imagine how stressful this training will be.

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