I can’t seem to place the feelings that I have been having, despite having found this handy dandy tool.


I came across this gem last night while strolling through Pintrest Park and couldn’t resist the download.

I don’t think there is an actual language for the feelings that I’ve been experiencing. I just don’t know.

Has anyone out there in the world wide web had a bout of unexplained ‘feelers’ crawling around inside your belly (Not Pregnancy!).

I have found myself becoming very annoyed by the mundane and not in the slightest bit interested in wasting time on things that don’t require the time.

Do you know how you look at the one you love (significant other status) and get the overwhelming feeling of bliss? Well, that is kind of how I’ve been feeling lately about my life and have been cutting off all of the things that don’t make me feel that sense of….. zen….

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