Hello World… Let source the crowd

My mind is going down the drain and I don’t mean in the sultry way. I have opted to take this day off of work to complete all of the school work for the week so that I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the week. This sounded like a great plan until I found myself sitting in front of this laptop, getting absolutely nothing done, for the past hour and forty-five minutes!

I chose to deal with the information technology coursework first.. This was mistake numero uno. The topic of the weeks work is crowdsourcing (using the people of the world wide web to get your business running strong). My task is as follows:

Chapter 13 contains a reading about a company called ModCloth using ‘crowdsourcing’ as a tool to build a successful business. After reading the article “Crowd-Powered: Why Doritos Lets Fans Make Its Super Bowl Ads” and watching the video, choose one of the other articles(“Crime solving by crowdsourcing”, “Science by crowdsourcing: MIT researcher creates online game to gather help unlocking brain’s mysteries”, or “Should we trust the wisdom of crowds?”)that interests you.Discuss how the Internet has influenced the power and pitfalls of crowdsourcing, citing the two articles to support your case.

Let’s be honest… I’m just not interested in reading the articles or doing the paper. I am finding it difficult to relate to the topic at hand. I usually find it easy to place myself in situations and create some some of magic even if the theme is totally foreign to me…. But the power of crowdsourcing? I think crowsourcing is awesome… the end! I wonder if that would be too short of a short paper. Thoughts? Ideas? willingness to write this paper for me?


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