For the Love of Mohawk

IMG_20160417_1334428_rewindThings don’t always go as planned. This is definitely evident in my life. I have learned a few things because of this. I have learned to go with the flow, and I have learned to cut my losses.

I stumbled across a magnificent little road trip that was all planned out and I really wanted to do it. Admittedly, it is probably not a road trip built for children, especially ones that don’t usually take long road trips. I saw this trip in my Facebook feed and you can find it on the website, it’s called The Ultimate Massachusetts Waterfalls Road Trip.

They have one for other states as well. The trip in total has about an 8 hour drive time and so it is a trip that would take your entire day, if you start very very early. We planned to set three days aside for the trip because there are 9 different locations and I knew the kids would never last the whole day. We made lunches and everything yesterday and planned to leave around ten this morning.

We got up and had a huge breakfast and hit the road right on time. Our first stop was Doane Falls, in Royalston. We made it there successfully and found a great place to park. The “hike” was not so much a hike and we found the falls quickly. The sounds of the falls was wonderful and the view was great too. We didn’t hike any of the unstable(not paved) terrain because it was just me and I couldn’t help them all so we saw and photographed, laughed and ate. I thought this was a great start.

We headed to our second destination. This is when plans became as fluid as the falls. We happened to catch a glimpse of some other streams and rivers as we drove right through the Mohawk Trails. We stopped and ran around a bunch of different places on the trail, played with sticks and found that the bathrooms are definitely locked if the gate is closed to vehicles.

We found out that carved statues can make mom make an illegal U-turn.

We learned the meaning of false advertising.


And that sometimes you just need a break..


And that when you think you’ve reached home, you may actually be about 58 miles away.


That says Ingleside but it is nowhere near CrazyTownLane.

We had a fantastic day of love, laughs, and nature. We even played alphabet food 3 times, alphabet famous people once, and alphabet drinks twice, on our two hour trip back home.


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