Today marks 25 years since I lost my father and sister.

I finally managed to find the markers. Apparently there have been many new additions to the lot and that is what was throwing me off my “feeling” game. I went this morning and headed to the office to find out what was up.

I never really thought about how expensive it is to die and they do not take cash. I was shocked by the UniPay fee schedule maxing out at $125 if you charge $4,000-$4,999…

I was handed a map with helpful details (other surnames that would guide me to mine) and sent on my way.


Almost as soon as I stepped out of my car (which I parked in the same spot both the times I was unable to locate them) I saw the markers. I half wondered if I was unable to locate them before because it was not the right time.

But I found them and that is all that really mattered. I placed the flowers and garden steaks between the two, talked my talked and headed into to see the paid bestie.

Although the prices are ridiculous (in my opinion) I think I will start a new savings goal so that I may get them a 2 grave monument and never have this locating problem again. It costs $2000 but it will be worth it in the future.



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