Lost Markers…

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the death of my father and sister. I have never had a concrete location of the markers, I have always gone on feeling… I know that sounds weird but, I drive all the way to the back and feels like this way and feels like that way. I park my car at the dead end (no pun intended) and walk towards the center of the area until I locate the markers. They don’t have headstones as of yet.

Last week, the kids and I picked out some nice enough fake flowers and metal birds and stuff to stick in the ground. We made the trip out to the cemetery and began the walk. Unfortunately the ground was covered in snow and it was rather blustery out, so we were not able to locate them that day.

Today, on the eve of their death, I wanted nothing more than to set those flowers and decorations so that anyone that went to visit them tomorrow would have a happier visit. We went out to the site and began our walk once again. We walked and walked around the whole area and we were unable to find them!

I am perplexed. I don’t know where they could have gone. They are unable to move themselves. I can imagine that you may be thinking that maybe we were on the wrong side… I assure you that there is just one place that is that close to the highway and filled only with markers in the ground. Where are my people???

I will return tomorrow

In the meantime, I smudged the house today and filled it with nothing but positive intentions. Follow me on Instagram


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