Trying not to become….

A bitter Bitch with a capital B!

I am so frustrated right now with so many things. It’s like little chips in the brand new marble kind of frustration. I want nothing more than to be spiteful and mean.

He’s the deal, my ex-husband wants to petition for lower child support! WHAT?? His reason was because he is struggling to survive on what he makes minus the support. He can’t pay for probation which might land him behind bars… But who the hell chose to drive drunk? Not me and certainly not the children. I handle all things child related. Today was the first time he has been to karate since the oldest was a white belt! This is the first open house he has been to. I handle all of the children’s needs and recreational activities his contribution is maybe 2/3 of his required support max! and now he wants us to sit with a mediator and see if it can be lowered???

I want to say Fuck You Douche.

I want to tell him to cash in the many many beer cans that you have laying around you house and try not buying anymore and you’ll find your savings.. I want to tell him to stop ordering pay-per-view wrestling events because you’re so broke you shouldn’t be able to.

I am angry that you, a grown ass man, works 40+ hours a week and have no car, a roommate that splits all the bills with you, only to feed and entertain yourself, have 3 sources of income yet you want to reduce the amount that you already don’t pay for the children.

Get a life and I hope to goodness that they raise the amount because I am going in guns blazing and you’ll be angry that you actually thought that you could get away with paying less money for you 3 children that are growing and learning and of which you have contributed almost zero to. I could see if you were an active participant in their actual lives. If you went to karate practice, school meetings, doctor appointments, or even the occasional  school function… But no! you do the minimum already and now you want to do much less…


2 thoughts on “Trying not to become….

  1. Some people are able to rationalize anything that benefits what they want. I guess he’s not too concerned about his kids.

    Doesn’t the constitution say pay per view wrestling is a God given right?

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    • Lmfao I think I saw it in the constitution along with drunk driving is not your fault!

      It’s always been a numbers game with him… unfortunately…
      I just feel like I’m being thrown back into 2010 when I had to try and explain that kids don’t merely exist, they have needs…

      I think I’ve gotten him spoiled by not knowing how difficult it is.

      I’ve realized I’ve been an enabler for quite some time for so many people and now that I’ve decided not to, people are kind of having meltdowns…

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