Find your happy place

I sat there not trying to judge.

I sat there unable (quite literally) unable to speak.

I sat there because there was no escape.
18dc6ddI guess my “problem” is that I believe we never stop learning. I thoroughly enjoy learning. I enjoy listening to other’s perspectives on things and really taking those things into consideration, because, maybe, just maybe, there might be something in there that I can learn from.

I don’t expect others to have that same outlook on life. I would never expect anyone to think like I do. But I do expect, the people that I surround myself with, to have have an open mind or at least a little bit of an open mind.

It’s okay if you think you’re an expert in certain fields to fight to the death about your opinion on that subject, but how can your opinion seem valid if you are constantly contradicting it? I get that we often contradict ourselves, or grow to believe a different theory is a better way to phrase it, but does that really happen in the same breath?

Please, my know it all friends, know it all on one side of the coin at a time. Watching your live debate with yourself (because you clearly won’t let others weigh in) makes me wish I could diagnose you.

Hashtag of the day #OpenYourMindAndCloseYourMouth


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