Spring Where’d You Go?

I was so ready for the warmer weather, mother nature had other plans! It snowed yesterday and that was the just the beginning. We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland in progress. I checked the news only to see that every school surrounding us had been cancelled but we were still a go. Because it was day one of MCAS for the oldest kid, I couldn’t very well keep them home today. Off we went.

We got to the hill and I crossed my fingers. You see, my tires are kind of crappy and don’t do so well in the snow. I tried to make my way up but was shunned as soon as I reached the incline. We slid around for a little bit, but I knew, right then, we needed another plan. I gathered my thoughts and took a deep breath.

With the school in sight, I readied the fellas. I told them that they would just have to walk up the hill. There was really no way around it.  I could sense the hesitation in the oldest but the younger two were ready and willing. I pulled into the drive of an apartment build. At this location, I was out of the way of on coming traffic and I could see the school as well. I let them go.

I am not much of a crier for the most part but this had me in tears. I had never let my children walk anywhere alone, let alone on a snowy day when cars are sliding about. I waited in that spot until I could no longer see the bright red coat of the oldest kid. I cried as I drove down the hill.


I gave them about 15 minutes to get to their destination and then I called the school to see if they had went to the office for late slips as I asked them to do. They had arrived! All in one piece.

I guess the crying was because I knew I had to let them go to let them grow. I don’t shelter them from  any conversation topic that  they can muster and I bring some “grown up” ones up myself, but I have never left them to their own devices. In fact, the oldest just asked me all about pregnancy cravings yesterday!

I guess I am better prepared for next time. Oh and I hate this snow madness.



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