Work it Out

We, as a family, are embarking on a super fabulous journey. I am pretty sure my oldest hates me for it. I am also sure he will benefit in the long run. This journey is exercise! I am on a mission to normalize my oldest child’s BMI, increase the muscle tone in the youngest, show the middle that he essential to our family team, and of course, get me summer body back!.

Our routine is simple but it will do the trick. We just started last week! We are doing team and muscle building at the same time. Since we have never done anything like this before (exercise :-)) we started with 5, 5, 5, and increase by 1 everyday. Tonight we did 10+ because I also worked on form with them.

The oldest and youngest are partners because they fight the most and the middle guy and I are partners because we need that bonding time and I can show the other two what to do and he will feel proud as the example.  Our simple workout in photographic form follows..

Except we don’t hold ankle with leg lifts, we put our hand under our butts and the partner stands near the feet and does squats to touch lifted feet. Also we don’t use medicine ball with sit-ups just just, we high five!!!


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