Breaking up is hard to do…. AGAIN

Life! It’s funny how you move through the days, weeks, years, without thinking about the seconds that you are in. I have been living through the past two years and  have yet to figure out where the time has gone. My children are two years older, we’ve had 2 Christmas’s and celebrated 2 New Years.

My personal journey has been one that of growth. I have learned so much over the last two years. I am grateful of every learning experience. This blog has been around for some of it so you know that not all of those learning experiences have been positive.

I have finally reached a crossroads. Do I keep moving but not really, or do I cut my losses and actually move? I finally got the courage to cut my losses.

I’m completely resolute in my decision and this is just the first of many. I can no longer keep my life on hold waiting for people to catch up. Maybe they just don’t want to.

So it is officially official. Now to work on peeling apart these emotions that remain.


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