Things Seen and Felt

What a day! Everything about this day is slightly odd. The beginning and the end of this day are what will be discussed tonight. I started this day by rolling out of bed and trying to get my fellas motivated for school(pep talks and what not). We gathered ourselves and headed out the door. I thought that I was in a rush to get my day going. This is because I had a lot on my mind and needed a distraction. Well… I found it! I was getting in my car after leaving the gas station and saw a guy that just couldn’t wait.


He was ahead of me in the gas station and could not wait until he got home to roll his blunt! I was kind of shocked to see a guy rolling up right in front of the front door where the cameras usually are. I used the camera from the lock screen so that I could put the phone to my ear so he didn’t know I was taking a picture of him… Total invasion of privacy but you cannot assume privacy when you are in a vehicle.

This was distraction enough for me to head about my day with a mind less cluttered in MY reality. Half way to my first destination I was fortunate enough to see a bunch of fuzzy bulls.


I don’t often get to see bulls (LMAO) I live in the city and usually keep my eyes somewhat on the road when I am working. These guys caught my eye because they were fuzzy! I assume it is because it is not yet warm enough for them to “shed” but then again, I don’t often see a gaggle of bull <—-correct my terms please!

AHH the softer side of manhood.

But the best thing that I say this day, besides my wonderful offspring, was THIS


This, my friends, is the score for my ROUGH DRAFT of my Psychology term paper! I guess you have got to be in college to know what this feels like, but I am (excuse my french) fucking elated! I do not have to rewrite this paper. I did a perfect first copy.  All I did was take draft of the copy and resubmitted it! I expected some sort of critique, something along the lines of not explaining the Stanford Prison Experiment thoroughly enough or being too vague explaining the Holmes Rahe assessment… Either way, I aced it and now let the celebration begin…. Where’s that bottle???



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