Broken Hearted

Three days ago I decided to become a volunteer. It is only Monday so I haven’t heard from any just yet but I am hopeful I will make the cut. I think the chances are good for a few reasons:

1. I am great with people, especially kids!

2. I have children and raise them well so I think that experience will be advantageous.

3.The system is so bogged down and overwhelmed, why would they ever turn away someone willing to put in the work for FREE!!!

Here is a piece of the confirmation email I received after contacting:

I am excited to learn that you are interested in becoming a CASA volunteer. As a CASA volunteer, you will be empowered to fight for the rights of children during the most vulnerable time in their young lives-a specially trained advocate, appointed by a judge, to ensure that each child is well cared for and able to have a safe, loving, permanent home.

Trust me when I say that this not completely a selfless act… I mean, what is that really. This is not like when I buy the guy behind me a coffee this one is also to my benefit.

They offer 30 hours of training for the work which is, in my opinion, a free college course. I will be able to get my feet wet. I will have already seen what it like to work with children so when the practicums come, I will not be sent into shock. Finally, I will feel good about being able to help out the system and the children that are in the system even if only at my entry level capacity.

Tonight, however, I was on the phone with him. He wanted to say good night to the boys (it’s kind of his thing) and as soon as we got on the phone we heard the sounds of, what my youngest called, a screaming monkey…. or, what my oldest called, a screaming goat! We laughed and laughed about the 3 year old who was less than happy on the south east coast.

They said their good nights and I took the call out of the room. We continue on with our chatter when I hear the young child scream “gimme my money!!! gimme my money now bish”…. my jaw dropped almost instantaneously. I gasp a little and then asked what the hell that was, just hoping I misheard. But no! I heard correctly and guess what….. He had a toy gun pointed in his face while the kid was screaming those words. I asked where the parents were and he mentioned living room. We had a small talk about how totally horrible we both thought this was and discussed learned behavior and mimicry.

This makes me worry for so many reasons!

Why the heck does this kid know those words? Did he see these actions on television or worse, in life? Why don’t the parents check that behavior and maybe consider a time out on toy guns? Is he in danger down there? What happens if the boy gets hands on a real gun?

This is exactly the reason why I wanted to go into law enforcement, why I thought being a PI was an interesting field for me, and why I decided psychology is what I need to be focused on, and exactly why I would love to volunteer for CASA.

People need to break the cycle; the cycle of violence, the cycle of teen pregnancies, the cycle of 8 kids by 5 guys!!!! None of which are even remotely good role models.

My heart broke over the phone tonight. I can’t wait to kiss my kids in the morning!

We are not focused on “gimme my money” #ourCurrentSituation


I found this and thought I was a great teaching tool and affirmation and so, at night, we 4 read one each and in the morning we do it again. #DoBetter



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